12 Best Destinations on Prince Edward Island

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Are you planning an upcoming trip to Prince Edward Island? PEI is Canada’s smallest province, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is not worth a visit. There are so many breathtaking views, however these are the 12 best destinations on Prince Edward Island.

The island has spectacular coastlines of sand dunes, massive red sandstone cliffs, and quaint seaside fishing villages. If you need more reasons to head to this island, wait for this. On top of that, PEI is home to the largest concentration of lighthouses in the country.

So, get ready for an endless amount of beautiful scenery, that all could be panoramic backdrops on a postcard. Check out this must-see list of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island.




12 Best Destinations on Prince Edward Island



Cape Tryon is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


1. Cape Tryon


Cape Tryon, located just north of French River, is as scenic as an overlook can get. If you love standing on top of massive red sandstone cliffs, endless waves moving towards the shore, lighthouses, and farmland, then this is your place.

Just be careful driving down to the lighthouse. Cape Tryon Road is a narrow and bumpy dirt road. Use extra caution after rain as you can easily get stuck! One of the most picturesque lighthouses on the island. An extra bonus is to stop at the overlook on the way to view the fishing village of French River.

The cliffs reach heights of over a hundred feet. This is a perfect place to watch the sunrise come up over the ocean, or to enjoy the sun go down behind the lighthouse. Either way you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.




2. Victoria-by-the-Sea


A small, historic fishing village tucked away on the southern shore of the island. Victoria is the halfway point between the two larger cities of Charlottetown and Summerside. Home to several artisan shops, local eateries, and red sand beaches to fill your itinerary for a relaxing getaway.

For extra adventure, rent a kayak to paddle around the harbor. After an exciting morning, stop by to grab a lobster roll and some homemade chocolate for lunch. A stop at this quaint seaside village with vividly colored homes will leave you feeling as though you got transported back in time.




3. Charlottetown


If you have been to Prince Edward Island, then you have heard of Charlottetown. Charlottetown is the largest city on the island and is filled with great restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and an array of festivals.

While in Charlottetown make sure to check out:


    • Dunstan’s Basilica
    • Waterfront Boardwalk from the city-center to Victoria Park
    • Victoria Park
    • Confederation Centre of the Arts


Take a walking tour, whether guided or self-guided, around the Victorian-era streets of the city. Finish the day off with dining, and live music. If you would like to attend one of the many festivals held on PEI, check out Old Home Week, International Shellfish Festival, or the Atlantic Superstore Festival of Lights.



North Cape is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


4. North Cape


At the northwestern tip of the island, North Cape is one of the best sunsets on the island. Witness where the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence meet the Northumberland Strait. Additionally, at the lighthouse you can walk along the Black Marsh Nature Trail surrounded by the massive wind turbines.

Drive along the entire North Cape Coastal Drive to take in farms stretching to the cliffs lining the ocean, the longest natural reef in the North America, seaside fishing villages, and stop at one of the many scenic vistas along the coast. A great beach to check out in the area is Skinners Pond Beach!



West Point is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


5. West Point


West Point is a quiet and secluded area on the western shore of PEI surrounded by a diverse collection of beaches, dunes, and wooded areas. Head to Cedar Dunes Provincial Park for a day sunbathing on the beach.

West Point Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the island. You can climb up the stairs to experience the best views of the waves crashing along the beach. West Point Lighthouse is one of Canada’s first inns in an active lighthouse. A unique hotel experience with some unforgettable sunsets.

So, while you are there, check into a room to stay the night in a lighthouse!



Darnley is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


6. Darnley


Escape to Darnley for a hidden gem off-the-beaten-path. While most of the north shore is known for the white sand beaches of the national park, Darnley and Thunder Cove provide a completely different experience.

The red sand beaches are lined with sandstone cliffs and cave formations. The beach stretches for miles and is a great place if you enjoy long walks on the beach. Make sure this destination is on your radar, if you love your space and a relaxing getaway on the beach.



Greenwich is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


7. Greenwich (PEI National Park)


Greenwich is hands down one of the most beautiful spots on Prince Edward Island. Part of the national park, Greenwich is an attraction you will not want to miss. This is the top place to be surrounded by nature, in a less crowded spot then other areas on the north shore.

Greenwich is filled with huge sand dunes, boardwalks, and trails throughout the marshes leading to the coast. This place is home to the largest sand dunes on the island. Plus, check out the unique floating boardwalk where you walk over the marsh.

The extensive system of trails gives an extra adventure to the beach-goer. Enjoy the soft white sand, picnic areas, and walking trails on a warm afternoon. Also, make sure to stay for an unbelievable sunset!




8. Basin Head Provincial Park


Named one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Canada. Basin Head Beach is on the northeast shore, just down the road from East Point. Well worth the trip, this beach is all you could ask for. The day-use park features a supervised beach, restaurant, play area for kids, and full amenities.

The beach is separated into two sections by the channel, known as “the run”. Additionally, the beach is known for the “singing” sound made when walking on the sand due to the high silica content. This is a must stop if you love white-sand beaches!



Panmure Island is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


9. Panmure Island


One of the best sunrises on the island! Check out this destination if you enjoy white sandy beaches, sand dunes, lighthouses, and a unique causeway with beaches on both sides. Panmure Island is a beach goers paradise, as it is located on a causeway with water access on both sides of the road.

While in the area check out Panmure Island Lighthouse, before heading in to the surrounding area for lunch. Panmure island is located 15km east of Montague on the eastern shore of the island.




10. North Rustico


A charming summertime destination, North Rustico is a small town priding themselves on their fishing traditions. Whether you opt to check out a local restaurant, or try out deep sea fishing to catch your own dinner, North Rustico is worth the trip.

Head to North Rustico for an afternoon out on the water with one of their many deep-sea fishing experiences, or just take a walk along the beach. If looking for a bite to eat check out one of the local eateries, like the Blue Mussel or On the Dock.



Brackley Beach is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


11. Brackley Beach (PEI National Park)


Just a short drive to the north shore from Charlottetown, Brackley Beach is one of six beaches in the area that line the coast of the national park. You really cannot go wrong with any beaches in the area. White sand, rolling dunes, and salt marshes in all directions. Check out Brackley Beach and continue your drive down the Gulfshore Parkway to Dalvay-by-the-sea and Covehead Lighthouse.

You are going to want to come here for sunrise, or sunset. The views are spectacular. If you plan to go during the busy season, expect the largest crowds in this area. Opt to head to the Greenwich portion of the national park if looking for a more serene area to spend the day.




12. View the Confederation Bridge from Below in Borden


Did you know the Confederation Bridge is the largest bridge that spans across ice-filled water? One of three ways to reach the island, if you did not drive across, it is worth the trip to see this bridge. However, even if you did drive across it, take the time to make a side trip through Borden to view the bridge from below.

There is a small lighthouse and large field where you can climb down the pile of rocks to the shore. Plus, you can head into the center of Borden afterwards to grab a bite to eat.



Are You Ready to Plan Your Trip?


These are the 12 best destinations on Prince Edward Island to visit, ones that will leave you ready to book your return trip to the island. The island is a beautiful destination any time of the year, however, the summer months of July and August will have the most going on. Welcome PEI is a great resource to learn more about all of these incredible destinations.

Either way, make sure to check out one of the best places in Canada! For more information for tips to get ready for your trip, check out The Adventure Travel Packing List.

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