10 Destinations in New England to Photograph

10 Destinations in New England to Photograph

The northeast region of the United States is filled with an abundance of incredible locations to photograph. Get ready to explore the most spectacular spots this area has to offer! The best 10 destinations in New England to photograph will leave you wanting to come back.

However, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are stuck with planning a road trip through New England, this list is for you!

New England is a wonderful place to check out any time of the year. Check out one, or all of this list, and discover why so many fall in love with the Northeast.



10 Places to Visit and Photograph While in New England



1. Block Island, RI


While Block Island may not be the best-known beach getaway, this island is located just south of the mainland of Rhode Island. Well worth a visit if you enjoy lighthouses, dramatic cliffs lining the coast, and a fun place to cruise around on a scooter.

Block Island is easy to get to, just a short ferry ride away from Point Judith in Rhode Island, or New London in Connecticut. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out this island!



North Conway is the gateway to Mount Washington and one of the best places to photograph in New England.

2. North Conway, NH


Hands down one of the best ski towns in the Northeast. However, any New Englander knows North Conway is a year-round destination. A getaway into the White Mountains perfect for any time of the year. North Conway is a small mountain town that packs a ton without losing any of its charm.

Home to the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi, Mt. Washington, North Conway is a center for outdoor enthusiasts. Do you enjoy getting wild in the mountains all day, with a refreshing drink at a local brewery afterwards? Well, North Conway is the place for you.



3. Baxter State Park, ME


Baxter State Park is in the north woods of Maine and home to one of the best mountains in the country for adventure, Mt. Katahdin. A true wilderness experience full of wildlife and scenery. Many only head to the park to climb Mt. Katahdin, however, there is so much more to this area of Maine.

The northern portion of the park is a quiet getaway, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, as the trails up Mt. Katahdin can become crowded in the summer. Baxter is an extensive landscape of undeveloped land, including mountains, pristine lakes, and hundreds of miles of streams.



4. Acadia National Park, ME


The only national park in New England, Acadia is a small area on Mount Desert Island along the Maine coastline. Although small, Acadia offers stunning views of coastal cliffs, glacier-scoured granite peaks, and woodlands.

Local favorites include the highest peak Cadillac Mountain, Precipice Trail, the Beehive, and the coastal walk. Check before heading as many trails are closed in the middle of the summer due to the nesting of the endangered Peregrine Falcons.

The largest town in the area, Bar Harbor, allows for a beautiful stay in a classic fishing village with easy access to the park. A treasure that should not be missed if you are looking for one of the best destinations in New England to photograph.



Southern Maine is one of the best destinations in New England to photograph.

5. Southern Maine Coastline


A collection of locations, as there are too many little coastal towns to pick just one. The Portland area of Maine has several worthy stops. From lighthouses to beautiful beaches for sunrise, the southern coastline is a photographer’s dream. That is if you love the beach!

The favorites in the area consist of Portland Head Lighthouse, Nubble Light, Scarborough Marsh, Oguinquit, and Kennebunkport. However, go exploring as there are too many locations to name here.



Stowe in one of the best destinations in New England to photograph.

6. Stowe, VT


Just down the road from the largest city in Vermont, Burlington, Stowe has all the action you’d expect in a mountain town. A classic small Vermont town with a downtown street filled with restaurants and local coffee shops. You are in the heart of the Green Mountains and a perfect destination for any time of year.

Stowe overlooks Vermont’s highest peak, Mt. Mansfield. Every season offers a unique perspective of a town named “the ski capital of the East”. The spring and summer gives you the lush green and flowing waterfalls, fall foliage is a sea of orange and red, and the sunrises over the mountain as snow falls in the winter are unreal.

Thus, make sure to include Stowe on your road trip, as it is one of the best destinations in New England to photograph.



7. Kent, CT


Kent is in the northwestern part of CT, part of Litchfield Country. A mix between old and new, Kent is the perfect balance of quaint and elegant. From the covered bridges to Kent Falls, you will have a variety to keep you busy shooting.

Take a step back in time when you head to the downtown area. Whether you are dining, strolling through a farmers’ market, or shopping in a small owner-operated store, you will have photo opportunity after opportunity.



Franconia Notch in the White Mountains is one of the best locations to photograph in New England.

8. Franconia & Crawford Notch State Park, NH


Franconia and Crawford Notch State Park is part of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, towards the Vermont border. Just as breathtaking as the peaks surrounding North Conway, you will be sure to get lost in the beauty.

If you are looking for the best views head to the Pemi-loop, consisting of Mt. Lafayette and West Bond for some incredible landscapes. Additionally, a short and mild hike close to the road is Mt. Willard, which will leave you with a dramatic view of the valley.



9. Bash Bish Falls, MA


Bash Bish Falls is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts on the border of New York. The final height of the falls drops 60 feet into a clear plunge pool. The waterfall is beautiful all year round and offers some worthy hiking, swimming, and camping in the area.

Bash Bish Falls is a go-to if you love to photograph waterfalls.



Barkhamsted, CT

10. Barkhamsted, CT


A small town with natural serenity, voted one of the best places to live in Connecticut, that is filled with enough scenery to keep you busy. Barkhamsted is the place to go if you are looking to photograph the Saville Dam, lakes, state forests, and the scenic Farmington River.

Right down the road from the famous Saville Dam is Enders National Forest. The perfect place to take in the views and jump in for a dip to cool off.



Are You Ready to Plan A Road Trip in New England?


These are the best 10 destinations in New England to photograph. Hope this list helps inspire your next trip to the Northeast. Now head out there and start taking some pictures!

For more information on adventure photography, check out Adventure Photography and Videography for all the latest tips.

Ski Trip Packing List for Your Next Adventure

Ski Trip Packing List for Your Next Adventure

Have you thought about the idea of heading on a ski trip this winter? However, you are lost with all the different pieces of gear you may need while on the mountain. Don’t worry! Here is a quick and easy ski trip packing list to make sure you have all the essentials on your next trip.

Winter is finally back! With the start of ski season brings the opportunity to finally head to the slopes again, or maybe even for the first time. Even if you are just starting out this season, don’t be surprised when you become addicted to the skiing life. Once you start, you most likely will never stop.

But don’t head to the mountain yet. First, you need to figure out what you are going to need to take with you. A little preparation can go a long way with making the most of your upcoming skiing trip!



First, you are going to need to figure out where you want to go.


Yes, you may think all mountain weather is created equal, right? Unfortunately, this could not be farther from the truth. So, in order to pack most efficiently for you specific skiing outing, you are going to need to figure out where you are going.

The crazy truth is each mountain range has it’s own weather. Heading out west? You are going to want to layer for the afternoon sun, or make sure to bring a solid pair of shades. However, if you plan to go in the east, you may be looking at more typical overcast weather.

Thus, you are going to want to pick your mountain and do some research into typical weather on the mountain. This will help you determine the amount of layers and other type of gear you may need on your trip. This can change the items you will place on your ski trip packing list.


Second, take a look at the weather forecast.


First off, you need to understand what a typical weather day looks like in your region. Just because you are skiing doesn’t mean you should be packing the same everywhere you go. For example, a mountain in Colorado sees way more days of sun in the winter than the cloud covered slopes in Vermont. The difference will change the way you pack and prepare for your day on the mountain.

Packing the right gear is essential for enjoying your upcoming ski trip. You want to avoid having to buy an overpriced item last minute at the lodge!

The key is to pack the right gear, so you can remain light and have enough space in your bag, especially if you are flying. These are the ski essentials to bring on all of your ski trips. Although, depending where you are heading, you may have to make some slight changes to your ski trip packing list.



The Essential Items in Your Ski Trip Packing List



Hardshell, mid-layer, and base layers are crucial items in your ski trip packing list.


1. Hardshell


A hard-shell jacket is the best way to protect yourself from harsh mountain conditions. These jackets are designed to be highly waterproof, windproof, breathable, and durable.

While they provide little insulation, you will have more flexibility with controlling your warmth using mid-layers. If you prefer a jacket with insulation, you have the option to grab a 2-in-1 ski jacket. However, you will not be able to remove layers when skiing on warmer winter days.



2. Mid-Layer Jacket


Either a separate layer to your shell, or possibly a combo with your shell, the insulation layer is essential for staying warm.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can easily swap out mid layers. A down jacket is perfect for the dry, cold days, while a fleece or synthetic jacket outperforms during a warmer and wetter day. Pick and choose the right layer for the weather.



3. Base Layers


Warmth and comfort starts at the bottom of all your clothing layers. An effective top and bottom base layers are the key to staying warm on the slopes. A quality pair of merino wool layers will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while skiing for the day.

Base layers are thin and do not take much room in your pack. So, make sure to buy a quality pair and bring them with you on every ski trip! It may also be a good idea to have a spare pair handy, especially if you plan to ski multiple days in a row.




4. Mittens or Gloves


This one is an obvious one. But nothing will kill a perfect ski day faster than ice cold fingers. You need to keep your hands warm if you plan to take as many laps as you can around the mountain.

A quality pair of gloves, or mittens, is one item you will not want to leave home without. Mittens will typically keep your fingers much warmer since they are all together.

The key is to find the best combinations of comfort, flexibility (if you use ski poles), waterproofing, and warmth. Gloves can range dramatically in price. However, if you want to make sure you have warm fingers you will need to invest in a quality pair.



5. Overhead Face and Neck Gaiter


An over the head neck gaiter is an all-in-one piece of skiing gear to keep your head, neck, and face warm. Protect yourself from the elements while you are cruising down the mountain.

You can opt to buy individuals pieces if you would rather have just a neck gaiter and separate hat. Either way, keeping the top portion of yourself warm will allow for you to ski endless runs regardless of the weather.




6. Snowpants


From sitting down on the cold lift, to the occasional wipeout, a durable and warm pair of ski pants should be on the top of your gear list. Whether you decide to wear pants, or a bib (prevents snow from going down your back), a pair of moisture resistant and breathable bottoms are a must.

Bibs are a great option if you do not want snow, or an ice cold gust of wind, sending shivers down your back! The only downside is they are more difficult to work with when heading to the bathroom.

If you are planning to ski many days in a row, it is never a bad idea to have two pairs on hand.


7. Ski Socks


Bring a comfortable and warm pair of ski socks! You will thank me later. This is a must, as the worst start to the day is having numb toes. Since you will be on your feet for the entire day, you need to be comfortable. A durable pair of ski socks doesn’t cost too much, so make sure to not cheap out on this one.

Merino wool is a great option for maximizing warmth, comfort, and avoiding moisture by wicking away your sweat.

Make sure to bring a few pairs if you plan to ski for a few days. You will be happy you did. Since socks are small and light, packing a few extras will not be too hard to do.


8. Extra Lightweight Vest (for very cold days)


Lightweight and the ability to move. A vest can be the best addition to add some much-needed warmth, while limiting the downside of adding another layer.

Throwing an extra layer in your pack can be lifesaving for cold mornings at the summit. With the right layer, you will not even know you have an extra jacket in your pack. That’s of course, until you need it!



Skis, boots,and poles are part of a ski trip packing list for any destination around the world.


9. Skis, Boots, and Poles


Unless you don’t mind grabbing a rental at the mountain, you are going to want to bring your skis, boots, and poles. Even if you are flying, most airlines make it a very simple and cost effective choice to fly with your gear.

There is nothing better than being able to ski with your own equipment. However, if you plan to rent, you are going to want to book in advance to save some money. And to make sure they have the right size on your ski day!



Make sure to include a quality pair of goggles in your ski trip packing list.


10. Helmet & Goggles


Don’t be a fool and always bring a helmet. Skiing is an incredible time, but there is risk in the sport. A helmet will give you the much needed protection in case of an accident, even if you are a skilled skier.

Pushing harder terrain is the perfect reason to get in the habit of wearing a helmet. The mountain can get dangerous, especially if you are pushing your level of skiing. Use a helmet to prevent any costly injury that may end your season, or worse.

Another item going with your helmet is goggles. The wind and snow can be brutal on the mountain. Just a slight breeze while cruising down the mountain can make it impossible to see with out goggles.

Additionally, you are going to want to have different lenses for your goggles, depending on the conditions. A dark pair is the go-to for sunny days, while a overcast day of snow will call for a clear pair. Either have interchangeable lenses or have multiple pairs of goggles.



Should a Small Backpack be Included in Your Ski Trip Packing List?


Yes! A small backpack is a must for long days on the mountain. Depending on where you are skiing, you should have a pack to carry the essentials. Water, a snack, your camera, and a few extras clothing items. Since you will not have a large backpack, you are going to have to pack smart.

Mountains are huge. You can easily become on the opposite side of the mountain and find yourself needing to take several different lifts to get back to your starting point. Save yourself the headache, and pack yourself a small pack to wear around the slopes.


Extras in the Car or at the Lodge


The best piece of advice is to bring a duffel bag full of extras. You never know when a piece of gear may break, or you may lose it. Either way, a bag at the lodge, or in your car can save you from a ruined trip.

Make sure to bring extra jackets, socks, and goggles so you are ready for anything the day brings.



Are you looking to go shopping for ski gear?


Check out Switchback Travel for a comprehensive list of the best hardshells, midlayers, and gloves for skiing.



An Easy and Quick Approach to Packing for Your Ski Trip


Skiing makes winter the best time of year. However, you need to set up an easy and effective way to pack. A ski trip packing list will ensure you never reach the mountain to find out you are missing your gloves.

Packing for the day takes the right gear! And can make or break your day on the slopes. If you are looking to have an epic adventure, then you need to make sure you pack the right way. The best way to be ready for the mountain is to make packing as easy as you possibly can!

Now you are ready to hit the slopes! If you need some additional inspiration for planning your skiing trip, check out How to Take a Van Ski Trip for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

12 Best Destinations on Prince Edward Island

12 Best Destinations on Prince Edward Island

Are you planning an upcoming trip to Prince Edward Island? PEI is Canada’s smallest province, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is not worth a visit. There are so many breathtaking views, however these are the 12 best destinations on Prince Edward Island.

The island has spectacular coastlines of sand dunes, massive red sandstone cliffs, and quaint seaside fishing villages. If you need more reasons to head to this island, wait for this. On top of that, PEI is home to the largest concentration of lighthouses in the country.

So, get ready for an endless amount of beautiful scenery, that all could be panoramic backdrops on a postcard. Check out this must-see list of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island.




12 Best Destinations on Prince Edward Island



Cape Tryon is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


1. Cape Tryon


Cape Tryon, located just north of French River, is as scenic as an overlook can get. If you love standing on top of massive red sandstone cliffs, endless waves moving towards the shore, lighthouses, and farmland, then this is your place.

Just be careful driving down to the lighthouse. Cape Tryon Road is a narrow and bumpy dirt road. Use extra caution after rain as you can easily get stuck! One of the most picturesque lighthouses on the island. An extra bonus is to stop at the overlook on the way to view the fishing village of French River.

The cliffs reach heights of over a hundred feet. This is a perfect place to watch the sunrise come up over the ocean, or to enjoy the sun go down behind the lighthouse. Either way you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.




2. Victoria-by-the-Sea


A small, historic fishing village tucked away on the southern shore of the island. Victoria is the halfway point between the two larger cities of Charlottetown and Summerside. Home to several artisan shops, local eateries, and red sand beaches to fill your itinerary for a relaxing getaway.

For extra adventure, rent a kayak to paddle around the harbor. After an exciting morning, stop by to grab a lobster roll and some homemade chocolate for lunch. A stop at this quaint seaside village with vividly colored homes will leave you feeling as though you got transported back in time.




3. Charlottetown


If you have been to Prince Edward Island, then you have heard of Charlottetown. Charlottetown is the largest city on the island and is filled with great restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and an array of festivals.

While in Charlottetown make sure to check out:


    • Dunstan’s Basilica
    • Waterfront Boardwalk from the city-center to Victoria Park
    • Victoria Park
    • Confederation Centre of the Arts


Take a walking tour, whether guided or self-guided, around the Victorian-era streets of the city. Finish the day off with dining, and live music. If you would like to attend one of the many festivals held on PEI, check out Old Home Week, International Shellfish Festival, or the Atlantic Superstore Festival of Lights.



North Cape is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


4. North Cape


At the northwestern tip of the island, North Cape is one of the best sunsets on the island. Witness where the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence meet the Northumberland Strait. Additionally, at the lighthouse you can walk along the Black Marsh Nature Trail surrounded by the massive wind turbines.

Drive along the entire North Cape Coastal Drive to take in farms stretching to the cliffs lining the ocean, the longest natural reef in the North America, seaside fishing villages, and stop at one of the many scenic vistas along the coast. A great beach to check out in the area is Skinners Pond Beach!



West Point is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


5. West Point


West Point is a quiet and secluded area on the western shore of PEI surrounded by a diverse collection of beaches, dunes, and wooded areas. Head to Cedar Dunes Provincial Park for a day sunbathing on the beach.

West Point Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the island. You can climb up the stairs to experience the best views of the waves crashing along the beach. West Point Lighthouse is one of Canada’s first inns in an active lighthouse. A unique hotel experience with some unforgettable sunsets.

So, while you are there, check into a room to stay the night in a lighthouse!



Darnley is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


6. Darnley


Escape to Darnley for a hidden gem off-the-beaten-path. While most of the north shore is known for the white sand beaches of the national park, Darnley and Thunder Cove provide a completely different experience.

The red sand beaches are lined with sandstone cliffs and cave formations. The beach stretches for miles and is a great place if you enjoy long walks on the beach. Make sure this destination is on your radar, if you love your space and a relaxing getaway on the beach.



Greenwich is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


7. Greenwich (PEI National Park)


Greenwich is hands down one of the most beautiful spots on Prince Edward Island. Part of the national park, Greenwich is an attraction you will not want to miss. This is the top place to be surrounded by nature, in a less crowded spot then other areas on the north shore.

Greenwich is filled with huge sand dunes, boardwalks, and trails throughout the marshes leading to the coast. This place is home to the largest sand dunes on the island. Plus, check out the unique floating boardwalk where you walk over the marsh.

The extensive system of trails gives an extra adventure to the beach-goer. Enjoy the soft white sand, picnic areas, and walking trails on a warm afternoon. Also, make sure to stay for an unbelievable sunset!




8. Basin Head Provincial Park


Named one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Canada. Basin Head Beach is on the northeast shore, just down the road from East Point. Well worth the trip, this beach is all you could ask for. The day-use park features a supervised beach, restaurant, play area for kids, and full amenities.

The beach is separated into two sections by the channel, known as “the run”. Additionally, the beach is known for the “singing” sound made when walking on the sand due to the high silica content. This is a must stop if you love white-sand beaches!



Panmure Island is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


9. Panmure Island


One of the best sunrises on the island! Check out this destination if you enjoy white sandy beaches, sand dunes, lighthouses, and a unique causeway with beaches on both sides. Panmure Island is a beach goers paradise, as it is located on a causeway with water access on both sides of the road.

While in the area check out Panmure Island Lighthouse, before heading in to the surrounding area for lunch. Panmure island is located 15km east of Montague on the eastern shore of the island.




10. North Rustico


A charming summertime destination, North Rustico is a small town priding themselves on their fishing traditions. Whether you opt to check out a local restaurant, or try out deep sea fishing to catch your own dinner, North Rustico is worth the trip.

Head to North Rustico for an afternoon out on the water with one of their many deep-sea fishing experiences, or just take a walk along the beach. If looking for a bite to eat check out one of the local eateries, like the Blue Mussel or On the Dock.



Brackley Beach is one of the best destinations on Prince Edward Island


11. Brackley Beach (PEI National Park)


Just a short drive to the north shore from Charlottetown, Brackley Beach is one of six beaches in the area that line the coast of the national park. You really cannot go wrong with any beaches in the area. White sand, rolling dunes, and salt marshes in all directions. Check out Brackley Beach and continue your drive down the Gulfshore Parkway to Dalvay-by-the-sea and Covehead Lighthouse.

You are going to want to come here for sunrise, or sunset. The views are spectacular. If you plan to go during the busy season, expect the largest crowds in this area. Opt to head to the Greenwich portion of the national park if looking for a more serene area to spend the day.




12. View the Confederation Bridge from Below in Borden


Did you know the Confederation Bridge is the largest bridge that spans across ice-filled water? One of three ways to reach the island, if you did not drive across, it is worth the trip to see this bridge. However, even if you did drive across it, take the time to make a side trip through Borden to view the bridge from below.

There is a small lighthouse and large field where you can climb down the pile of rocks to the shore. Plus, you can head into the center of Borden afterwards to grab a bite to eat.



Are You Ready to Plan Your Trip?


These are the 12 best destinations on Prince Edward Island to visit, ones that will leave you ready to book your return trip to the island. The island is a beautiful destination any time of the year, however, the summer months of July and August will have the most going on. Welcome PEI is a great resource to learn more about all of these incredible destinations.

Either way, make sure to check out one of the best places in Canada! For more information for tips to get ready for your trip, check out The Adventure Travel Packing List.

15 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

15 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Do you want to travel the world? Or just take an exotic vacation to a new place? Traveling is something that everyone in the world should be able to experience. You do not have to be rich to travel the world, however, you will have to get creative with ways to save money for your next trip.

Travel can be expensive. But if you budget the right way, you can take trips anywhere you want. It does not matter how much money you make. You just have to figure out ways to save, create a side hustle, and invest.

By all means normal people can afford to travel. You just have to know the right ways to save, book, and travel biased on your budget. With a little bit of effort, you will be traveling all over the world in no time. Travel is possible for everyone.



Where to start with saving money?


The first step is to sit down and create a plan. You can never reach your financial goals if you do not write them out. The only way to reach your saving goals is to establish them, before breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps. It is hard to define a path when you do not know where you are going.

If you want to save $10,000 for a backpacking trip, then you must work backwards to find steps within your reach to accomplish that goal.


  • What do you have to do each week?
  • How much do you need to save?
  • Can you generate additional income with overtime? Or by starting a side hustle?


Budget out your expenses and research ways to increase your income. Otherwise, if you do not know the steps to reach your goals then it will be hard to get there.

Of course, it will take sacrifice and discipline to be successful. However, if you are serious about traveling the world then you will do what’s necessary. If you need some extra inspiration to start saving more to travel, check out 7 Reasons to Add More Travel into Your Life Now.



Take a Hold of Your Finances


After all you must start here. Financial planning is a skill that takes time to develop but is crucial for saving money to travel. Learn how to improve your money management skills and you will thank yourself.

Money management is not impossible. The basics to get you started will send you in the right direction for the rest of your life. This is a necessary skill, one that will help you become successful with saving money to travel and beyond.

If you really want to travel, make it a priority to learn the basics. There are no excuses for being clueless when it comes to money. Financial habits take time to gain. Don’t get frustrated! Just take it little by little and gradually improve. Remember, it’s about the long term, not just a sprint.





The only way to truly know your finances is to dive in deep. Often, you spend more money than you think. It is helpful to get a true picture of your finances.

Start tracking your spending if you are having trouble reaching your saving goals. The solution is simple. Figure out exactly what you spend, categorize your spending, and make it a priority to cut out certain expenses in your life.

Write it down on a piece of paper. Every cent you spend should go into a specific category. For example, break it up into essential and nonessential. Obviously, there are some expenses you have to pay, like rent, but if you are willing to downsize, or rent out a room, then this expense can always be decreased. Other sample categories are groceries, entertainment, gas, and miscellaneous items. Look at what you spend the most on and try to figure out ways to save.

No, it will not be easy. However, if you want to travel then you will make these changes.




Budget to Save Money for Your Next Trip


First, you need to understand how much your trip will cost. Prices can vary significantly depending on your travel style. Either way, you need to budget your trip prior to leaving. With this in mind, if you are a savvy traveler, you could travel for as low as $50 a day typically when you factor in all travel, accommodation, food, and miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, always plan to have a little extra in your account. Things go wrong, and you can’t always plan for everything. Travel is much more enjoyable when you know a missed flight doesn’t leave you stranded in a foreign country.



15 Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip



1. Prioritize Your Values


Is having the latest phone, or taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip more important to you? If you are strapped for cash, you must prioritize what is important in your life. Give up the desire to get all the latest gadgets, and new clothes on the regular.

You will be surprised with how much you can save right at the start if you tackle this area in your life.


Accomodations are expensive but with a few changes you will be able to save money for your next trip with these smart financial moves.


2. Cut Accommodation Costs


The largest expense you have is rent or a mortgage. Lowering this price can lead to having a ton of extra money in your pocket each month. Whether you move into a smaller place, a cheaper neighborhood, or rent out an extra room if available, your accommodations can be a place to see significant savings.

There are always creative ways to decrease this expense. If you are willing, this can be a great place to start your journey to save more money for your next trip.



3. Buy Less Stuff


Would you rather have more stuff or experiences?  It is simple. Stop buying useless items and save that money to take an international trip. Really, do you need an extra sweater in your closet that you probably will only wear once?

The more memories you make, the less you desire to have more belongings. You begin to value the experiences in your life much more than a new car, or the latest trend in clothes.



4. Sell Your Belongings


Look through your belongings. Do you really need them all? If there are things you do not use, why not sell them for some extra cash? Just make sure to save the money for your next travel adventure.

Plus, you will be organizing your life. Less clutter equals less headaches. The extra cash will be a great boost to save money for your next trip.



Cook at home to save money for your next trip.


5. Cook at Home Instead of Eating Out


Eating at restaurants is expensive. Budgeting out your groceries and doing the cooking at home for a few months will help you add a little extra to your travel savings account.

It is possible to create low-cost, tasty meals at home. Even if you do not cook, this is the perfect time to learn!



6. Stop Going Out


Drinking at the bar is a pricey habit. You can still drink, but head to a friend’s house instead. You do not have to give up having fun. But with a few minor changes you can reduce all of the costs associated with going out to the bar.

Plus, you are going to need to be on your game in the morning to build your side hustle.



7. Travel During Off-Season


Peak times are the most expensive. If you are looking to travel to a destination, especially if expensive, try traveling during the slow season. Plus, you will avoid the crowds.

Obviously, this does not work if you are planning to go to a specific event. But if you do not mind when you travel then this can be a great place to save some cash.

Everything from plane tickets to accommodations will be cheaper during this time. For more information on for booking a backpacking trip, check out How to Plan a Backpacking Trip in 5 Easy Steps.



Selecting the right travel day can be a great way to save money for your next trip.


8. Carefully Select Your Departure Days


Flying on off-peak days will help keep your costs low. Also, if you have a ton of flexibility, play around with your departure, and return dates with costs and plan accordingly.

Another helpful tip is to search multiple sites for the best airfare prices. Or you could even sign up for a rewards program if you tend to fly the same airline all the time. Check out Google Flights, or Expedia, to get started.



9. Open a Separate Bank Account


The easiest way to save for travel is to have it go directly into an account from your paycheck. This way you don’t have to even think about saving. Set it and forget it.

It will be done automatically for you. After some time, you’d be surprised with how much you can have saved. Pretend the money does not exist, and you will not be tempted to spend it.



Pick the right credit card and you can see the perks to save more money for your next trip.


10. Find a Travel Rewards Credit Card


Who doesn’t want discounts on hotels or flights? Grab a credit card that has travel rewards and get discounts from money you would spend anyways. Not all of these cards have annual fees, so just make sure to do your research to find the card that makes the most sense for your situation.



11. Book Travel Activities Far in Advance


Often, if you book ahead of time, you can get a discount. Typically, the closer you are to the date, the more money you will have to spend. Planning in advance will help you save money.

Set reminders and be looking far in advance. Strike when the price is below average and you will save tons.



12. Consider Finding a Side-Hustle


This can be done in many ways. You could find a part-time job, work overtime, freelance, or rent out a room in your house. There are many ways to make a little extra money from your main job.

Renting out your place and freelance jobs your can do online can be great to boost your income while you are on the road. Making money while you travel will set you up to lengthen your travel plans if you are looking to hit the road for an extended amount of time.



13. Use Public Transportation


Renting a car can be expensive. If you are not planning to move around frequently, then consider ditching the car rental. Public transportation can be a great alternative to save some cash while on a trip.

Of course, it may not be the most desirable. But it can be super beneficial to consider. However, this will require some upfront work. Public transportation is much more confusing at times then having your own car, so always have a plan before you arrive.




14. Walk As Your Mode of Transportation


Walking is a great alternative to expensive taxi rides. If you are staying in the center of a city, why not get your exercise in. After all, walking will give you a different appreciation for a new travel destination.

Plus, it’s not always easy to stay in shape while you are traveling, so extra walking works well for both problems.



15. Get Creative with Your Accommodations


Hotels are not the only way to travel. Grab a group of friends to rent out a house, stay in a dorm room style hostel, or use an app like couch-surfing where you can stay with locals.

There are so many ways to stay for cheap, when compared to the classic hotel route. Do your research, as each location is quite different with what works, and you could easily save some money.



16. Create a Business

Are you searching for a better way to save money to travel? The best way to add some additional income to your travel fund is to create a side business. A business on the side of your full-time job can help your increase your savings dramatically.

You just have to make sure you are saving the additional money, rather than letting your lifestyle creep upward. Have all the money you make on your side hustle feed your investments and travel fund.




17. Invest Rather Than Just Save


Money in a savings account is not doing you any good. With the rate of inflation, each day money sitting in a savings account is losing value. This is why it is crucial for you to not only save, but to then invest the money into some type of asset class. If you are new to investing, try a brokerage account that can help you diversify your funds.

The most important part is to just start investing. You will thank yourself when you can use that additional money to travel, grow your wealth, and help you live the life you want to live.



Save Money for Your Next Trip


Now, get ready to save for your upcoming travels! In conclusion, use these strategies to start saving money for your next trip, and be ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey!


The 10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum

The 10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum

Are you looking for crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, and endless amount of tacos and margaritas? One look at all Tulum has to offer will have you ready to book your plane ticket to Mexico. These 10 best experiences to do while in Tulum will leave you with an unforgettable adventure!

Tulum is a coastal town perfect for a mix of relaxing and excitement. Here are the top reasons you should not miss out on this Mexican destination.

10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum


Cenotes are one of the best things to do while in Tulum.

1. Take a Road Trip to all the Cenotes


The Yucatan and Quintana Roo is known for cenotes. If you are unfamiliar with what a cenote is, they are sinkholes in the ground that fill with water. There are several types with some being open lagoons, while others are caves.

There are thousands of cenotes in the area. So, finding one may not be that hard, but make sure to search for the best ones to fit your travel style. Check out my other post The Best Cenotes in Mexico for Adventure to help your planning process.



The beach is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.


2. One of the Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum is to Head to the Beach


Have you ever seen Caribbean water? You are not going to want to miss the chance to get a little sandy and enjoy the beach. The beach in Tulum is lined with resorts, so you will have plenty of room to chose from.

For a more secluded beach, either head south into Si’an Kaan, or to the north end right before the Tulum ruins. Both spots are great for escaping the large crowds around the resorts.




3. Grab a Drink at One of the Many Beach Resorts


Enjoy a drink at the beach should be on anyone’s Tulum bucket list. While in Mexico, it’s a rule to have at least one Margarita. There are a large variety of beach resorts to fit your style. From loud music dance parties, to a relaxing vibe with a warm plunge pool on the beach, Tulum has something for everyone.

However, if you are looking to party hard then check out Ziggy’s and Papaya Playa Resort. Both resorts are famous locations for a crazy party scene. Even if you are not staying on the beach, enjoying a night out there is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.



Rent a bike down at the beach for one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.


4. Rent Some Bikes to Experience All of Tulum


Bikes are the perfect way to get around Tulum. Taxis can get very expensive around the beach area, so try grabbing a bike rental to make the most of cruising around the town.

You will be able to find a bike rental in any area of the beach or town. Typically, the price for a rental is between 250 and 500 pesos per day.

Biking is easy around Tulum. The beach road can get pretty hectic, as the road is narrow and always jammed pack with cars. However, traffic moves slow and are used to cyclists being all over the place. Tulum is very biker friendly.




5. Travel Down to Si’an Kaan


A close destination to Tulum, yet a quite different vibe. Si’an Kaan is the perfect escape from the busy streets of the town. An exotic getaway filled with nature and wildlife just minutes down the road from Tulum Beach.

If you are looking for an outdoor experience without all the crowds, this is worth a visit. Si’an Kaan is a biosphere reserve allowing you to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, snorkeling, and viewing untouched beaches.

Sian Kaʼan Biosphere Reserve is rural. The road down into the biosphere is rough extending all the way to Punta Allen. It may not be too far but it will take you quite a bit of time to drive down. The road is bumpy, however a small car still has the ability to drive the dirt road. However, if more comfortable than you can always hire a tour company!




6. Relive the History of Mexico by Visiting Some Ancient Ruins is One Epic Tulum Experience


No trip to Mexico is complete without visiting one of the many ancient ruin sites. Mexico is filled with ancient masterpieces that offer a look into what life was like thousands of years ago.

These structures are impressive. The best archaeological sites to visit in the area are Chichen’itza, Ek Balam, Tulum Ruins, and Coba.

You are definitely going to want to check out Chichen’itza, as this site is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum. One of the 7 wonders of the world, Chichen’itza is an impressive archaeological site. Chichen Itza is in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico near Valladolid and is a great stop on your road trip around to all the cenotes.

Head to the ruins in the morning right at opening, otherwise the crowds are massive. When it becomes too hot in the afternoon, jump into your car to find a cenote close by to take a dip to cool down.



One of the best experiences to do while in Tulum is to do a workout on the beach.


7. Get a Workout in at the Beach


Why not stay healthy while traveling? Tulum is known for their beach gyms. An outdoor gym by the beach is the best way to work off the endless tacos and margaritas.

If you are looking for tips to stay in shape while traveling, check out How to Stay Healthy While Traveling.




8. Take a Day Trip Over to Isla Mujeres


A peaceful and laid-back Mexican island. The perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach, or cruising around the island on a golf cart.

The waters off the coast of Isla Mujeres are absolutely beautiful. It is well worth the trip up to Cancun and a short ferry ride over to the island. The drive is easy, 1.5 hours to Cancun and a 30 minute ferry ride.

Head to the island for the day to enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches and the clearest Caribbean waters. If you are traveling to Tulum during the summer months, this island will provide an escape from the seaweed that occasionally lines the coast of Tulum.

If you are feeling adventurous, book a snorkeling trip! Isla Mujeres has an underwater museum filled with life-size sculptures to help with reef regrowth. An epic experience that will leave a great memory from Mexico!




9. Enjoying the Delicious Food in One of the Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum


Around every corner there will be a street vendor serving fresh tacos and burritos. Give as many as you can find a try. They are so good!

Aside from the street vendors, check out some of the local favorites in the town center. Burrito Amor is one of the favs for burritos. There is an extensive menu filled with vegan options and a laid-back vibe, especially at night.

Regardless, you will not have a hard time finding some delicious food.




10. Hire a Photographer for a Private Photo Shoot


Why not get some nice photos done while on your trip? Find the perfect spot on a secluded beach or lounging around at your resort. Tulum has a ton of picture-perfect spots.

Some photographers will even go to multiple locations with you. You really can’t go wrong. You will be happy you have some amazing photos to remember an incredible trip to Tulum!



10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum on Your Next Trip


Tulum is an up-and-coming destination in Mexico. If you are looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation, then look no further. Tulum is a laid-back coastal getaway that will leave you with all the excitement you have been looking for in a trip!

These are the top reasons to book your next trip to Tulum. Now, all you must do is book a plane ticket! Check out my adventure travel packing list to help you get ready for your next adventure!


9 Tips to Adventure Travel Like a Boss

9 Tips to Adventure Travel Like a Boss

The thought of heading out on a daunting adventure is straight up scary. Have you ever wanted to add more adventure into your life but have no idea how to get started? Or you feel as though you don’t have what it takes? Take to heart these 9 tips and you will adventure travel like a boss.

Adventure travel is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it can be one the hardest type of experiences to start at first. There are so many “what ifs”. How do you find the courage to take that leap?

It can be downright impossible to figure everything out. In fact, if you do not have a clear plan than it is very easy to give up before you ever take your first adventure trip. Do not let this be you. With this in mind, a few simple steps and you will be ready to take on the highly sought after adventure on a once in a lifetime trip.

You have what it takes to adventure travel like a boss. With the right  you will be steps, you will be saying yes to as much adventure travel as you possibly can. Stop dreaming about living an incredible life and get out there! The real question is what is holding you back?


Do You Have What it Takes?


Yes. Do not even think about it. If you want to adventure travel than you have what it takes. Yes, you may have to put some or even a lot of hard work in, but it is possible. Never doubt the challenges you can overcome. You do have what it takes to accomplish anything if you want it bad enough.


Why Should You Adventure Travel?


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So many people dream of traveling the world, an adventure most of us would love to accomplish one day. Adventure travel brings new perspectives, experiences, and appreciation for life. Stop dreaming. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. However, once you start, you will never stop living your life this way.

You must want it. Adventure is all about pushing yourself, taking risks, and to be on a constant pursuit to learning.

This is, as we know it, your one shot at life. It is up to you how you want to spend it. Many just need the first adventure. After the first it becomes addictive, changing your way of living. A once in a lifetime opportunity does have to occur once. Start living an adventurous life, and this can be a weekly occurrence.



9 Tips to Adventure Travel Like a Boss


Get started today! Who knows where your next adventure will take you? For starters, the best place to begin is to obtain the confidence to take on this new and sometimes scary world of adventure travel.

Are you ready to take a chance? Adding risk to your life is never easy. You will have ups and downs throughout your entire journey. However, without taking risks you will never know your full potential. You will not know where an adventure will take you. If you did know, then it would not be a risk.

The following list is a guide to becoming the best version of yourself. With these tips, you will adventure travel like a boss in no time.



Mindset is key to adventure travel like a boss.


1. Your Mindset is Everything to Adventure Travel Like a Boss


Are you ready for the negative parts of travel? The number one way to obtain confidence is to build a growth mindset. No matter your skills, if you are not mentally ready then you will struggle. The path to adding more adventure travel to your life will be filled with pain and failure. There is no way to grow and become better without it.

You have to be ready to encounter the unexpected. There will be more times than you are able to count when an adventure does not go the way you plan. Be expected for times of disappointment and frustration. But, remember this is a part of living a life outside of your comfort zone. You must stay positive and dedicated to your mission.

Understand you must possess a strong mindset to excel in the world of adventure travel. You will need it to get through the many rough patches you will experience. To reach your true potential you have to go through them. It is unavoidable. The hard times are what make you a better version and help get you towards success.

The right mindset, positivity, and dedication are all tips to adventure travel like a boss.



Say yes to challenge is a huge componenet to adenture travel like a boss.


2.  Be Ready to Say Yes to Challenge


The reason behind why we want to travel will differ from person to person. However,  if adventure travel has hit your radar you must be looking for a solid challenge. Otherwise, there is no place out there for you. You have to be ready to embrace difficulty.

But who doesn’t like a rewarding challenge from time to time?

Yes challenge can be frustrating. And adventure will certainly push you to the edge at times. However, if you take the right steps during your prep and are ready to find a solution to any challenge thrown your way then adventure travel will give you some of the best memories of your life.

Through each of these challenges, you will grow into a better version of yourself. Practice makes perfect. Soon the challenges that once intimidated you will be a breeze to overcome.




3. Always Be Open to New Experiences


First off, step outside of your little bubble. The world is a big place. You are going to need to create your own perception rather than the idea given to you by someone else. In order to dive deep into adventure travel you must be willing to keep an open mind.

You find out the people and places you once thought you knew are completely different. Unfortunately, you often miss the true experience if you let your judgements cloud your mind. The possibilities are endless. The only way to fully experience an adventure is to stay open.

Honestly, you realize how different other areas of the world are when out on an adventure. Avoid being closed off. You miss the experience, friendships, and true emotions felt while heading out to travel.



4. Stay True to Who You Are


Never try to be someone you are not. You have to stay authentic. Adventure travel is no different. The key to being successful is to keep in mind your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Otherwise, you will encounter trouble quickly. The last place you want to push yourself outside of your skill set is while on a new adventure. It is different than just staying inside your comfort zone. You will put yourself in situations where you experience unnecessary risk. Taking on too much is never a good idea.

Your safety should always be a priority. If something does not feel right, then stop right away. Always trust your gut. One of the best parts of adventure travel is seeking discomfort; however, it is not about taking on too much risk you are not ready for. In time, you will grow into being able to handle more.



Part of adventure travel like a boss includes making deep connections with the locals.


5. Building a Deeper Connection is Crucial to Adventure Travel Like a Boss


Superficial? No way. There is no room for that in adventure travel. You must be ready to find a deeper connection.

The creation of deep meaning is from understanding others. Put yourself in the shoes of the locals. How do they live? Real travel is about making that connection.

In fact, if you don’t than you are vacationing, not traveling. Quickly, you will learn the best way to accept others. So many differences, yet if you spend some time living like them you are quick to see why their beliefs many differ from your own. Likely you will stop judging others.

Why do you want to visit another country? The culture is probably somewhere in your answer.

There is no better way to be more understanding and tolerant to the beliefs of others than to experience them for yourself. Open your eyes to a different way of life. Once seeing different parts of the world you have a better understanding for why someone’s views are a particular way. You learn to see why someone may believe something different from yourself. Although different, it does not mean one is right and the other is wrong. Many times you learn that you may have the same view if you were brought up in a different way. The key tips to adventure travel like a boss are to be open, learn from others, and always try to make a deeper connection while on the road.

Thus, put your phone down and connect with the locals.




6. Start to Take Your Fitness Seriously for Adventure Travel


Get ready to get your fitness level in check. Adventure travel will push your physical boundaries. You have to be ready. Thus, you are going to want to make sure you are in the shape you need to be for your desired plan.

Your fitness routine needs to be well-rounded. Think about adding everything from cardio to yoga to be ready for all the challenges you will face. You must match your fitness level with the difficulty of the activity. The harder the challenge, the stronger you need your fitness level to be.

Do not head out on an adventure when you are not ready. It is a bad idea. However, if you are serious about successfully accomplishing some sort of adventure travel, then get to the gym beforehand. In fact, adventure will motivate you to stay in better shape all year-round.




7. Do Not Worry About What Others May Think


There will always be people in your life who say no to risk. But what kind of life is that? Risk is a healthy part of life. However, you just need to make sure you handle it in the right manner. So, stop letting others direct the way you live your life.

Only you know what kind of experiences will bring you fulfillment. The worst thing you can do is to constantly be aiming to please others. After all, you will never find happiness and fulfillment this way. Live a life of adventure, with the right risk, and stop caring about what others may think about it.

The best way to create a special life is to live it on your own terms. And that is what adventure travel is all about! Take a risk, no matter how small, and step away from the normal.



Hard drives are essential for adventure photography.


8. Preparation and Education Are Tips to Adventure Travel Like a Boss


Adventure travel will require work. Make sure you take the time to do your research. You need to know what you are doing, especially in the world of adventure. One mistake and it could be your life. That is not to scare you, but rather encourage you to take your education seriously.

You may hate this one but a plan is usually a good place to start. A plan has a number of advantages; however, it also has some disadvantages. Obviously, the best pro is you will understand the adventure you are about to head out on. This is crucial for your safety and success. You have to start before you step foot on your adventure. First up, get the right packing list to start off being prepared.

However, a major disadvantage is that you will be locked to a schedule. But you do not have to be. The major goal in planning is to understand what is available around you and how to successfully complete an adventure. You do not have to create a schedule. The knowledge of understanding the ins and outs while traveling will play a huge role in your ability to be confident and manage any problems that may arise.

So, do not skip the time to learn. You will be so happy you did. It may be boring at times but is a core part of starting to adventure travel like a boss.



ALways to remember to have fun in order to adventure travel like a boss.


9. Have Fun and Enjoy Your Life


The number one aspect of life is to enjoy it. It may be easy to say, but honestly you have the power to make it your reality. In fact, heading out on more adventures is a guaranteed way to add more fun, enjoyment, and fulfillment into your life right away.

Who does not want to create memories that will last a lifetime? You only have a limited time here on this planet. Make sure you wake up today and start living it. You will always be the person that cares the most what happens to you. Thus, you need to go make it happen.

You will make life-long memories while you adventure travel. Do you want to look back on your life and be able to tell an incredible story? Of course you do. Well, the first step is to get out there and start living it. One simple day can create a feeling of emotion that lasts forever.

So, say yes to that adventure. These are the moments that make you look back and enjoy all of the parts of your life.



Are You Ready to Add These Tips to Adventure Travel Like a Boss?


Adventure travel is life-changing. Even if you are not yet confident, try out these 9 helpful tips to adventure travel like a boss. Surprisingly, you can excel quickly with the right habits. The benefits of adventure travel will be seen throughout your entire life.

Healthy life and adventure? Sounds too good to be true. Adventure improves your health. From becoming more active, to experiencing unbelievable views, the health benefits seen from getting out into the world are huge. You will be amazed at what adding more adventure travel into your life can accomplish.

So, stop being afraid. Jump out and take a risk. You will never regret adding more adventure travel into your life. As a matter of fact, you may not think about it but every seasoned traveler starts out without confidence and scared trying something new. But the only way to get better is to get out there and start doing it. You have what it takes to adventure travel like a boss.

Check out The Clymb for more tips.