The Top 6 Benefits of Adventure

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The benefits of adventure last a lifetime. The person you become is shaped through the exciting, bold, and sometimes risky experiences.


The Top 6 Benefits of Adventure


Have you been thinking about adding more adventure into your life? Aside from filling your life with crazy memories, the benefits of adventure include an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional state. Whether you decide to travel to a foreign country, or finally find the courage to try that new extreme sport, an active adventure will change every area of your life. By all means, it will not happen overnight. However, before you know it you will see a noticeable change.

Adventure has the power to enhance your athletic performance, control your emotions, create healthier relationships, and increase your creativity. You will become a well-rounded, excelling machine ready for anything life throws in your direction. Here are the top six reasons why you should start adventuring today.


An early morning as the sun rises in Spietz, Switzerland.


1. Life-changing experiences of adventure broaden your perspective. 


The search for meaningful experiences in found when incorporating adventure into your life.Of course, with the addition of different cultures, unique foods, and new environments you will begin to see life in a new way. To put it another way, adventure will broaden your perspective. 

Analyzing situations from multiple angles allow you to connect with more individuals in a positive way. People come from quite different backgrounds. The ability to understand, or see an issue from their point of view can be powerful with creating connections.

It is an eye-opening experience to immerse yourself firsthand in another culture. What you have read in books, or been told by others, usually does not hold true. You learn the only way to really know a different way of life is to actually live it. A new outlook presents as you return home with a changed appreciation for your life. The things you took for granted are at the forefront of your mind. In addition, you learn to dive deeper into understanding why other people may have opposing views to your own.

As your perspective is new and improved, you are ready for the next adventure to continue to expand your mental context. It is addictive . You will return home ready to start planning your next adventure.


2. Your brain works better.


Let’s face it adventure travel is hard. It will test you mentally, physically, and emotionally. But challenge is great for your brain. Certainly, you will find out how far you are able to push yourself. During these tough times, you will learn a lot about yourself. Challenges force you to leave your comfort zone. The largest amount of growth occurs when you feel uncomfortable. The feeling of discomfort is great. It is only bad when you are in a situation too far outside of your level of skill. True growth occurs outside of your comfort zone.  Adventure leads a brain better equipped to handle a variety of situations.

As obstacles come up, you may need to change your path. Adaptability is crucial to overcoming hardships. Adventure is about being flexible with your approach to reach your end destination. With each accomplishment, you gain a sense of confidence. Once you learn how much you can overcome, you begin to frequently look for harder challenges. The idea of challenge no longer scares you. Actually, the opposite occurs. Challenge becomes an essential part of your life. You seek discomfort because you know it is the only way to expand and become a better version of yourself.


The benefits of adventure include crazy experiences like jumping off a waterfall. Bash Bish Falls, MA


3. The ability to stay centered and manage stress are benefits from adventure.


Extreme sports and traveling to exotic locations will put any person into countless difficult situations. It is easy to become overwhelmed and lose your ability to remain calm. However, when you lose your composure any situation has the potential to turn dangerous. The ability to remain centered is critical. The regulation of emotions, especially during high stress, will be a vital skill. This is a benefit seen in all areas of life. At one point or another, you will have to deal with stressful situations.  Managing stress involves staying centered, calm, and thinking rationally throughout the entire situation. An improved outcome will present with these acquired skills. If you have not perfected these skills, do not worry. Adventure will force these qualities when a variety of problems are encountered. 

Adventure has the power to change the chemical composition of your brain. Frequent challenge creates ample opportunity to become better at controlling your emotions. With better control, you naturally remain calmer and more centered during chaos. Dealing with this chaos allows for better management of stress in other areas of your life. Stress management is critical to overall health and well-being.


4. You gain a sense of humility and gratitude through adventure.


Adventure and travel cause you to slow down and experience new surroundings. Living in the present moment increases your awareness. Often, it is easy to take for granted the small moments in life. Beautiful and exotic locations have the power to put into perspective the important parts of your life. You learn to appreciate everything. Hot showers, healthy meals, and a comfortable bed are never taken for granted again.

The world is a big place. Once you start to travel to more destinations you realize the level of your insignificance. The world has much more to offer than you previously thought. As a result, you grow into a more modest person. A humble sense is the best way to grow into a better version of yourself. You create more meaningful relationships, open yourself up to new ideas, and become a life-long learner.


5. The benefits of adventure enhance your mental, physical, and emotional state.


Adventure pushes boundaries. Tough challenges are met with exhaustion. However, these demanding challenges create an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional state. By all means, it will be earned. Of course, adventure tends to come along with minimal sleep, long grueling workouts, and periods of bad weather. This is all a part of adventure. In spite of these challenges, you grow into a much stronger person. Adventure has the power to keep you in the best mental, physical, and emotional shape of your life.


Mental and Emotional


Adventure provides endless opportunities for serenity, peace, and meditation. Time spent outdoors has the incredible benefits of happiness, optimism, improved mood, reduced anxiety, and a better ability to mange your emotions. You learn to connect and disconnect from your emotions. This can be a powerful tool for regulating emotions more deeply and effectively. The skill of letting go of negative emotions will lead to a more fulfilling life.




Adventure provides the opportunity to be physically active. You will improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. In addition, you reduce your chances of chronic health conditions. Exercise helps to keep your looking and feeling healthy, while improving your ability to live a long, fulfilling life.



6. You create unique and interesting memories.


Adventure travel gives you a ton of incredible and unique stories. You build bonds and connect with people from all over the world who share a common love for exploration. These memories will live with you for the rest of your life. Soon, before you even have a chance to realize, you will begin to alter your path in life to adjust for your new love of adventure.

The accomplishments from adventure travel builds a solid sense of confidence. You learn that you are capable of some amazing things if you are willing to push through all the obstacles and challenges. It all starts with seeking discomfort. The crazy stories, amazing people you meet, and unique accomplishments are all reasons to keep looking for adventure. So, whatever your adventure goals are in life, keep moving towards them. You will succeed and it will totally be worth it.

Adventure has some amazing qualities to teach us. Quickly, you will realize adventure pushes you to become the best version of yourself. The benefits of adventure create a new way of living, changing your focus. You shift your values, become grateful for the small parts of your life, and push yourself to never stop seeking discomfort. Check out The Basics of Adventure for more information on adventure.


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