The 10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum

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Are you looking for crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, and endless amount of tacos and margaritas? One look at all Tulum has to offer will have you ready to book your plane ticket to Mexico. These 10 best experiences to do while in Tulum will leave you with an unforgettable adventure!

Tulum is a coastal town perfect for a mix of relaxing and excitement. Here are the top reasons you should not miss out on this Mexican destination.

10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum


Cenotes are one of the best things to do while in Tulum.

1. Take a Road Trip to all the Cenotes


The Yucatan and Quintana Roo is known for cenotes. If you are unfamiliar with what a cenote is, they are sinkholes in the ground that fill with water. There are several types with some being open lagoons, while others are caves.

There are thousands of cenotes in the area. So, finding one may not be that hard, but make sure to search for the best ones to fit your travel style. Check out my other post The Best Cenotes in Mexico for Adventure to help your planning process.



The beach is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.


2. One of the Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum is to Head to the Beach


Have you ever seen Caribbean water? You are not going to want to miss the chance to get a little sandy and enjoy the beach. The beach in Tulum is lined with resorts, so you will have plenty of room to chose from.

For a more secluded beach, either head south into Si’an Kaan, or to the north end right before the Tulum ruins. Both spots are great for escaping the large crowds around the resorts.




3. Grab a Drink at One of the Many Beach Resorts


Enjoy a drink at the beach should be on anyone’s Tulum bucket list. While in Mexico, it’s a rule to have at least one Margarita. There are a large variety of beach resorts to fit your style. From loud music dance parties, to a relaxing vibe with a warm plunge pool on the beach, Tulum has something for everyone.

However, if you are looking to party hard then check out Ziggy’s and Papaya Playa Resort. Both resorts are famous locations for a crazy party scene. Even if you are not staying on the beach, enjoying a night out there is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.



Rent a bike down at the beach for one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum.


4. Rent Some Bikes to Experience All of Tulum


Bikes are the perfect way to get around Tulum. Taxis can get very expensive around the beach area, so try grabbing a bike rental to make the most of cruising around the town.

You will be able to find a bike rental in any area of the beach or town. Typically, the price for a rental is between 250 and 500 pesos per day.

Biking is easy around Tulum. The beach road can get pretty hectic, as the road is narrow and always jammed pack with cars. However, traffic moves slow and are used to cyclists being all over the place. Tulum is very biker friendly.




5. Travel Down to Si’an Kaan


A close destination to Tulum, yet a quite different vibe. Si’an Kaan is the perfect escape from the busy streets of the town. An exotic getaway filled with nature and wildlife just minutes down the road from Tulum Beach.

If you are looking for an outdoor experience without all the crowds, this is worth a visit. Si’an Kaan is a biosphere reserve allowing you to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, snorkeling, and viewing untouched beaches.

Sian Kaʼan Biosphere Reserve is rural. The road down into the biosphere is rough extending all the way to Punta Allen. It may not be too far but it will take you quite a bit of time to drive down. The road is bumpy, however a small car still has the ability to drive the dirt road. However, if more comfortable than you can always hire a tour company!




6. Relive the History of Mexico by Visiting Some Ancient Ruins is One Epic Tulum Experience


No trip to Mexico is complete without visiting one of the many ancient ruin sites. Mexico is filled with ancient masterpieces that offer a look into what life was like thousands of years ago.

These structures are impressive. The best archaeological sites to visit in the area are Chichen’itza, Ek Balam, Tulum Ruins, and Coba.

You are definitely going to want to check out Chichen’itza, as this site is one of the best experiences to do while in Tulum. One of the 7 wonders of the world, Chichen’itza is an impressive archaeological site. Chichen Itza is in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico near Valladolid and is a great stop on your road trip around to all the cenotes.

Head to the ruins in the morning right at opening, otherwise the crowds are massive. When it becomes too hot in the afternoon, jump into your car to find a cenote close by to take a dip to cool down.



One of the best experiences to do while in Tulum is to do a workout on the beach.


7. Get a Workout in at the Beach


Why not stay healthy while traveling? Tulum is known for their beach gyms. An outdoor gym by the beach is the best way to work off the endless tacos and margaritas.

If you are looking for tips to stay in shape while traveling, check out How to Stay Healthy While Traveling.




8. Take a Day Trip Over to Isla Mujeres


A peaceful and laid-back Mexican island. The perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach, or cruising around the island on a golf cart.

The waters off the coast of Isla Mujeres are absolutely beautiful. It is well worth the trip up to Cancun and a short ferry ride over to the island. The drive is easy, 1.5 hours to Cancun and a 30 minute ferry ride.

Head to the island for the day to enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches and the clearest Caribbean waters. If you are traveling to Tulum during the summer months, this island will provide an escape from the seaweed that occasionally lines the coast of Tulum.

If you are feeling adventurous, book a snorkeling trip! Isla Mujeres has an underwater museum filled with life-size sculptures to help with reef regrowth. An epic experience that will leave a great memory from Mexico!




9. Enjoying the Delicious Food in One of the Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum


Around every corner there will be a street vendor serving fresh tacos and burritos. Give as many as you can find a try. They are so good!

Aside from the street vendors, check out some of the local favorites in the town center. Burrito Amor is one of the favs for burritos. There is an extensive menu filled with vegan options and a laid-back vibe, especially at night.

Regardless, you will not have a hard time finding some delicious food.




10. Hire a Photographer for a Private Photo Shoot


Why not get some nice photos done while on your trip? Find the perfect spot on a secluded beach or lounging around at your resort. Tulum has a ton of picture-perfect spots.

Some photographers will even go to multiple locations with you. You really can’t go wrong. You will be happy you have some amazing photos to remember an incredible trip to Tulum!



10 Best Experiences To Do While in Tulum on Your Next Trip


Tulum is an up-and-coming destination in Mexico. If you are looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation, then look no further. Tulum is a laid-back coastal getaway that will leave you with all the excitement you have been looking for in a trip!

These are the top reasons to book your next trip to Tulum. Now, all you must do is book a plane ticket! Check out my adventure travel packing list to help you get ready for your next adventure!


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