The Most Efficient Workout for Adventure Athletes

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With all the different workouts out there, it is hard to know which one to choose. The most efficient workout routine for adventure athletes is a simple split that promotes functionality. The push, pull, and legs split is a solid workout routine to produce results. Generally speaking, the main goal as an athlete is to create a body that can perform. Functionality is far more important than aesthetics. However, the use of this workout split can improve both qualities quite a bit.

This workout split targets the use of multiple muscle groups. Each day is designed to implement all the muscles in the body that perform similar movements. All in all, your muscles learn to work with one another. A well-performing body is trained through large, compound exercises. In addition, some isolation workouts will be used to target the hard to train areas.


Muscular Endurance and Strength Training Routine for Adventure Athletes


Do you want to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, and lower the risk of injury? With all these in mind, the incorporation of a strength training program will push you far ahead on all of your adventures. Of course, picking the right workouts is key.

There are many different strength training programs. One of the most efficient programs is the push, pull, and legs split. This split has three different days.  Additionally, each of the three days can be done up to twice per week depending on your fitness level. Programs that train each muscle group twice a week lead to a greater development of strength and athletic performance.

If you are a beginner, one of each workout is a great place to start. Three workouts a week give your body ample time for recovery. However, if you are more advanced, you can do two of each workout per week, or a total of six workouts. The workout is designed to split body parts with similar movement into the same day. With this in mind, training all of these muscle groups together creates unity and flow between your muscles.

You can change the number of workouts you want to do per week, just make sure to hit all three workouts the same number of times. Also, make sure to maintain enough rest in between hitting the same muscle groups. Remember, recovery is where your muscles grow. So, do not skip the most important part of your strength training.



Fitness is a huge component to living a life of adventure. An efficient workout for adventure athletes is the push pull legs split.


What is the Push/Pull/Legs Routine?



Number of Different Workouts :  3


Workouts Per Week : 3 to 6


Training Time : 45 to 75 minutes



The Breakdown



Push Day

Chest, shoulders, and triceps.


Pull Day

Back, biceps, and forearms.


Leg Day

Quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.



*Notably, core exercises can be added to any of the days. Just plan to spend an additional amount of time on whichever day you choose to add them. However, while performing all exercises you should aim to keep your core tight. The contraction of your abdominal muscles throughout your entire workout will lead to greater underlying strength. The addition of specific ab workouts will create more defined, visual abdominal muscles.


The Connection of an Efficient Workout to Athletic Performance in Adventure


The push, pull, and legs workout split groups muscles together by movement. The upper body is split into two days, whereas the legs are hit in one day. Typically though, since you are training all muscles of your legs together this will be the longest workout.

Upper body is split into two days, a push, and a pull day. Your push day will involve working out your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Whereas, your pull day consists of training your back, biceps, and forearms. The third day, or legs, involves working out your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Specific core workouts can be added to any of the days throughout your week.

This is an excellent choice for an efficient workout routine for athletes of adventure sports. All things considered, the use of compound exercises and hitting each muscle group twice per week lead to a greater improvement in athletic performance.

Each and every day is targeted to teach your body to work together. The key to improving your athletic performance is to promote unity between your muscle groups. In fact, the overlap creates maximum synergy and effectiveness with your performance. Additionally, for more advanced athletes, the incorporation of training each muscle group twice a week leads to increased muscular endurance and strength when compared to separating each muscle group once per week. Thus, you are using the same number of training days but with greater results.


The Benefits


    • Allows for optimal recovery. At minimum, your muscles will have 72 hours between workouts of the same muscle groups.
    • Can train all body parts twice per week. Easy adjustments allow for you to workout anywhere between 3 to 6 times per week.
    • This split allows for serious muscle growth.
    • The training involves combining multiple muscle groups together. Thus, a more comprehensive connection between all parts of your body will lead to greater athletic results.


An Efficient Workout Routine for Adventure Athletes


Here is a sample workout routine. Easy adjustments can be made depending on training days and fitness level. First, you must evaluate your personal fitness level. Start with a plan that will challenge but not overwhelm you. The first sample routine is for beginners, whereas the second is for more advanced weightlifters. Additionally, include a yoga routine for a warm-up prior to strength training.




Push [Day 1]

Rest [Day 2]

Pull [Day 3]

Rest [Day 4]

Legs [Day 5]

Rest [Day 6]

Rest [Day 7]


Intermediate and Advanced:


Push [Day 1]

Pull [Day 2]

Legs [Day 3]

Rest [Day 4]

Push [Day 5]

Pull [Day 6]

Legs [Day 7]



Efficient workout for adventure athletes.



The Guidelines


An efficient workout for adventure athletes involve the right workouts, repetitions, sets, and rest time. For the most part, try to reduce the amount of rest between sets. Allow at most 2-3 minutes to keep a high heart rate. In short, high-intensity will create better endurance and stamina.

Another key point is the number of repetitions. The sets and repetitions are designed to target either muscular strength or endurance.  Repetitions, sets, and weights all vary between workouts. Lower repetitions focus on power and strength, whereas the higher ones work to improve endurance.

Overall, the right selection of weight is crucial for performance. The smaller the rep range, the more weight you will be able to use for the workout. The most important aspect, regardless of the reps, is to choose the right weight. The correct weight is one in which you can hit the target repetitions. However, the last few should be difficult. You really need to push yourself to achieve growth. But make sure to maintain good form throughout all workouts. Otherwise, you could end up injuring yourself.

The key takeaway is to work until exhaustion. For example, if you goal is to hit 12 reps, then you should have to work to hit that last rep. Working until exhaustion changes the muscle fibers in a way to create significant growth.



Push Day


Bench Press :  4 x 5 – 7

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press :  4 x 6 – 8

Incline Dumbbell Press :  4 x 8 – 10

Side Lateral Raises :  3 x 10 – 12

3 Way Triceps :  3 x 8 – 10

Triceps Cable Pushdown :  3 x 8 – 10

Weighted Dips :  2 x 12 – 15



Pull Day


Bent-over Row :  4 x 6 – 8

Lat Pulldown :  4 x 8 – 10

Single Arm Rows :  3 x 10 – 12

Pull Ups :  3 x 8 – 10

Barbell Shrugs :  3 x 12 – 15

Hyperextensions :  2 x 12 – 15

Barbell Curl :  3 x 8 – 10

Dumbbell Hammer Curl :  3 x 10 – 12



Leg Day


Squats :  4 x 6 – 8

Romanian Deadlifts :  4 x 8 – 10

Bulgarian Split Squats :  3 x 10 – 12

Leg Press (High Foot Placement) :  3 x 10 – 12

Leg Extension :  3 x 10 – 12

Hip Abductors/Adductors :  3 x 15 (each)

Standing Calf Raises :  4 x 15 – 20



Core Workouts


Pallof Press :  3 x 15

Hanging Leg Raise :  3 x 12 – 15

Hollow Body Rock : 3 sets until failure




Efficient workouts for adventure athletes.



Maximize the Results from an Efficient Workout Routine


Always look to add variety into your workouts. The constant guessing game will eliminate the chance of your muscles becoming conditioned to a specific workout. From time to time, switch up the workouts you do, the repetition ranges, or the order in which you perform certain exercises.

All these changes lead to greater muscle growth. In addition, switching between cable attachments, unilateral verse bilateral, or the use of dumbbells verse barbell will provide plenty of surprise to your muscles.

Furthermore, the proper selection of weight creates maximum challenge. The correct weight is one in which you can hit the desired repetitions, while maintaining proper form to prevent injury. The key is to pick a weight where you will test your muscles to the point of exhaustion on the last few reps. The longer you train, the easier it will become to consistently pick the appropriate weight. After all, you can record your weight for each exercise to track your progress over time.

In conclusion, an efficient workout routine for adventure athletes is a necessity. The push, pull, and legs split is a great option. Furthermore, check out more fitness tips at The Alpine Pursuit – Fitness Page.

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