Is an Unconventional Life of Adventure Right for You?

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Does the thought of living a normal life, like the one you were told as a child, give you a sick feeling in your stomach? If it does than you probably came to the right place. An unconventional life of adventure is waiting for you. The idea of living the “normal” American dream is not for everyone. Travel, adventure, and new experiences have the power to completely change your perspective in life.

Once you get a taste of pushing your limits, you realize how much opportunity is present in the world. You strive to fill your life with these experiences. It becomes difficult to think about living your life in any other way. However, many individuals go through their entire life without truly stepping into the unknown. Why?

For some it is fear of failure. Others it is complacency. Those individuals are comfortable. But not you. You know there is more to life. And you want it. The thought of stepping outside of your comfort zone scares you, as it should. Although, the fear of seeking discomfort will never stop you from leaving it behind. The moment you are ready to leave comfort behind, is the moment the adventure actually begins in your life. Welcome to the world of adventure. 

You have the power to make every day of your life a memorable adventure. However, it is up to you to decide to make the changes, put in the work, and step away from the normal. You have to be ready for it. 



Leaving Normal Behind

Initially, the decision to go against a life considered normal is hard. First off, comfort and stability will probably be lost. This is a part of any adventure. An unconventional life of adventure is about challenging yourself. There will always be ups and downs, especially when you seek difficult situations. But this is how you grow. No growth can occur if you stay within your comfort zone. Then there is stability. Stability once meant a huge house, fancy car, and well paying prestige job. That is in the past. You will gain a new definition for the word stability.

Stability is about planning for your future while living life fully in the present. So, you decide to leave your “stable” job. Well, what once was a stable way of living is falling through the cracks. Stability is all about creating a life you want; you can still have a great career, be a supportive member of your family, or build your dream home. Stability is balance. The way you choose to balance all the factors of your life is up to you. There are many ways to reach balance. Stop letting some tell you there is only one right path to creating a successful life. 

The temporary losses may make you think twice before diving in to adventure. If not, are you ready to become a calculated risk-taker, with a magnet attracting you to new challenges?


Becoming a Calculated Risk-Taker

Challenge is the center of your new life of adventure. Nothing comes easy with the decision to seek out new experiences. In adventure, you will always have unpredictable moments of ups and downs. You must be ready for these. Just keep in mind, challenge is the only way to meaningful achievement. 

The first step to a new life of adventure is to become a calculated risk-taker. A calculated risk-taker is an individual who is constantly seeking out new challenges and is ready to take the leap. However, every risk is thought out. A calculated risk-taker knows the importance of planning, consistency, and creativity. Risks are a great opportunity. With little risk, there is not much room for any sort of a reward. In contrary, risks do have the power to end horribly wrong. With this, it is important to understand risk and how to incorporate it into your life in the right manner. There is a big difference from a risk you believe in and are confident with your skills, to a impulsive decision to create an unrealistic outcome.  

You have to become the right kind of risk-taker. After all, adventure is about taking the right kind of risks, and avoiding the bad ones. 


The Outcome to Unconventional Life

As a matter of fact, many in your life may not support your decision to pursue an unconventional life. There will always be people who do not understand. The important part is to be confident, consistent, and tough during these encounters. If you believe you will be successful, than it does not matter what anyone else has to say about your decision. 

There will always be individuals out there who will put you down. Sadly, this is the reality of life. Many people who are dissatisfied with their own life, or cannot see a vision opposing their own will try to stop you. Do not let them. Yes, you should always be open to listening to the advice of others. As long as their advice comes from the right place. Constructive criticism and looking at a situation from another perspective is helpful to tackling challenges. Ultimately, you should make the decision you feel will provide the best outcome. You are the only one who can make the best decision for yourself.


Make Your Own Decisions

Some people will look down at your life decisions. That is okay. People will think you are irrational, irresponsible, or just trying to avoid working. Honestly, people who tend to live life in a different manner could be all those things. But for the most part, people who step out for the normal, are just individuals that want to experience more out of life and are not afraid to go after it. An unconventional life of adventure creates opportunities for personal growth, life changing experiences that broaden your perspective, and the ability to improve both your mental and physical health.

Most importantly, an unconventional life is one leading to true happiness, mindfulness, and a pure state of bliss. However, this life starts with the courage to take a calculated risk to achieve it. 


Should you start an unconventional life of adventure?

When you leave the normal life, you begin to see a shift in importance. The items, like expensive clothing or shoes, you once thought of as a necessity become easy to live without. You gain memories, experiences, and a state of happiness much more valuable. Your perspective changes. What truly matters in life becomes more apparent. You value friendships, the thirst to learn, challenges, and simply enjoying each and every day as a great alternative. All in all, you grow in self-confidence, courage, and creativity to overcome any challenge that pops up in your life. 

You are mentally resilient. The motivation to push forward is at an all time high. Obstacles turn into opportunities. You begin to question how you lived life in any other way. You believe in yourself to achieve your wildest dreams. No longer will you be satisfied with the status quo. You will begin to seek out more creative methods to solving problems and spend less time allowing stressors to control your life.



Adventure motivates you to focus on improving yourself. No longer will you be afraid of change or seeking out uncomfortable situations. The thirst to push yourself increases, while you know the importance of appreciating the small aspects of your life. Relationships are at the core. You begin to spread positive vibes, cut out negative thoughts, and inspire others to find more meaning in their own lives through your motivation.


Motivation to Creating Your Unconventional Life

The thought of taking risks can be scary, but that does not mean you should avoid it. Change is inevitable. The only consistency in life is change. However, will you be in control of the change in your life? Embrace the change. You are in control if you decide to take the driver’s seat.

Stop being afraid of risk, rather fear being stuck and complacent. Looking back on your life you will regret never taking that risk and reaching your true potential. Remember that the person you have been does not dictate the person you will be in the future. Start today and never look back. Become the person of your dreams. An unconventional life of adventure is right for you if you want to live life on your own terms. One thing is for sure, you will never look back and regret the decision to leave normal behind.

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