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A guide to backcountry hiking. On Mt. Rainier, starting to climb up the Muir Snowfield. The weather changes quickly, as it was sunny on the bottom but completely clouded in half way to Camp Muir.

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Hey! My name is Dylan. Welcome to The Alpine Pursuit! I am an adventure enthusiast who loves travel, health, and photography.

A quote from Mark Twain about the reason you should incorporate adventure into your life,


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

At first, it may be a challenging task to start incorporating more adventure into your life. However, do not let the fear of trying something new stop you. Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. The ability to live your life free and without so much fear can truly help you reach your true potential in life. When you look back at your life, do not let it be filled with regret. You will never be disappointed with the risks you took and the dreams you pushed yourself to pursue.


how to incorporate adventure into your life


How to incorporate adventure into your life?

Adventure is when a person engages in unique and exhilarating activities, while breaking out of their comfort zone. A person needs to challenge themselves. Adventure is all about feeling uncomfortable. Exploring new and often remote locations is filled with anxiety and uneasiness, but with perseverance and the right attitude, you will learn how to move past these feelings. However, these feelings will not go away, especially if you are one to always be pushing your level of adventure to a higher intensity.

A successful adventure will usually incorporate both a plan and leave extra room for a spontaneous side trip. When setting out for an adventure, always start with a plan and be prepared prior to your departure. However, your plan will often change, and that is a great thing in certain circumstances, as you want to be spontaneous. The key is to understanding the right time. Sometimes the best way to explore is to get lost.  A plan is a great way to have a base of knowledge about a destination, but do not forget to be open to living in the moment. Sometimes the most amazing part of an adventure is something you run into by accident. Be flexible and you never know what you could run into around the corner.


What can you gain from adventure?

Adventure is an educational experience teaching many valuable lessons to those who are willing to take the time to learn. Adventure travel leads to new inspiration, resilience, confidence, and an increase in curiosity within your life. Opportunities are endless with all the fresh possibilities presented through adventure. When visiting foreign countries or being surrounded by extreme environments, we begin to see the world from a different point of view. With a new perspective, we examine the challenges and failures we face in a changed manner. Failure is a part of growth and the learning process.

Adventure forces us to be out of our element, which can lead to making more mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the improvement process. Overcoming mistakes through being adaptive and resilient creates a stronger ability to push through failure, leading to success. Success is only gained through perseverance by triumphing over failure time and time again.


Adventure Will Change Your Life

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt



My Vision

My name is Dylan Harpin, the creator of The Alpine Pursuit. I started this blog to inspire others to grow more confident, bold, and empowered to take opportunities to push past comfort zones and reach their adventure dreams. Adventure is the beginning to pushing mental and physical boundaries, seeking discomfort, and changing your entire perspective in life.  

My love for adventure started at a young age, when my family and I began to travel and hike at national parks around the country, starting at the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It was amazing. I knew I wanted to continue to experience new adventures around the world and to never stop exploring new places. I have always been up for a new experience from backpacking around Europe to learning new adventurous sports like skiing. My journey to pursuing adventure has been one filled with dedication and hard work, as my goal with this blog is to inspire, teach, and challenge fellow people to live a life of adventure, as it can be an amazing one.

The target audience for this blog is ambitious, challenge seeking individuals looking to pursue more fulfillment and a deeper sense of meaning in life through adventure. I hope you enjoy the blog and are inspired to adventure! Check out my About Me page.



Addiction to Adventure

Adventure is exciting and unforgettable, so why would you not incorporate as much as you can in your life? 

So, you finally decided to take a trip to a foreign country, hike up a mountain, or start a new hobby you have always wanted to do; it arouses an indescribable feeling within you accompanied by an insane rush of pure bliss. You begin to question how you have gone through life without this feeling for so long. You are hooked. Arriving home after an epic trip or mastering the first skill in your new hobby, you find it a challenge to settle back into what your life was prior to your experience.

All you can envision is getting back out there, whether it is packing a backpack for the next exotic trip or heading out to another class to practice your new hobby, you are ready. Adventure is literally life changing. You will find a shift in your values, how you spend your time each day, and your new mindset for financial spending. Life only begins at the end of your comfort zone. Step out into the world, be courageous and dedicated to pursuing your dreams.


Embracing Adventure in Your Life

The purpose of life is to live without fear, embrace new experiences, and conquer the challenges thrown in the way in the pursuit to becoming our best selves. Embracing more adventure in life can be a daunting task; however, the list of amazing benefits should be enough motivation. If that is not enough motivation, check out these other amazing benefits of incorporating more adventure into your life.

Experiences make us happier in the long run. New experiences hold on to positive emotions and increase our feeling of gratitude. Learning new skills, traveling to new locations, meeting different types of people, and interacting in new cultures shift our own perspective. People in other parts of the world live quite a different life. You learn to take a new look at your life and appreciate the small things that you once took for granted. A new perspective has a profound effect on your ability to overcome challenge. You begin to challenge fear, doing what is necessary to conquer it, rather than avoid it. A shift like this one opens endless opportunities. An open mindset is the beginning to accomplishing anything in life, one desirable quality so many of us are in search of for our entire lives.

Life is best when chasing wild dreams and discovering the beauty outside of comfort zones. Nothing in life within your comfort zone is worth pursuing. Push past your doubts and realize your true potential; the potential that has been hiding all this time. Stop worrying about failing or what other people think. Go out and chase after your dreams! Remember to incorporate as much adventure into your life as possible.

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