How to Find the Fuel to Your Motivation?

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Motivation is the core for reaching your maximum potential. Do you struggle to find or keep motivation? The fuel to your motivation can be broken down into several simple steps. Honestly, if you create a plan to consistently include these habits into your daily life you will find motivation. Ultimately, motivation is the result from a series of consistent actions, not just one decision. It involves a holistic approach where you tackle the issue from multiple angles. 


The Fuel to Your Motivation

The fuel to your motivation starts with an idea. You must clearly define what you would like to accomplish for any progress to achievement. The drive behind action is hard when you have no idea the end goal. For one, it is almost impossible to push through obstacles when you are moving in all different directions. However, a clear outline and end goal are only as good as consistent action behind accomplishing the small steps to reach your larger goals.

In order to reach those large goals, you must find and harness the motivation crucial to create consistent action. Motivation can be easy to find during the good times, but what about when things become much rougher than you ever imagined. What do you do then?


Self-Confidence and Optimism

The single most important piece of advice is to wholeheartedly believe in yourself. Re-read that line. First, it is impossible to accomplish anything great if you do not believe you have the capability to be successful. 

Adjust your mindset. The foundation to how you approach any challenge, task, or stressful situation starts with your attitude. Stay positive. You will attract what you put into the world. If you stay positive, you will always see the light in every situation. It is powerful to keep a positive state of mind.


Emotional Intelligence

The ability to reach your full potential comes down to your emotional intelligence. The appropriate regulation, or control, of your emotions involves the proper mindset. An optimistic mindset always finds the good. If you are unable to control your emotions in a healthy way, you will find it difficult to find or keep your motivation when circumstances get challenging. 

Positive results will only come from a positive state of mind. The only way into achieving your full potential is to learn to control your emotions and be completely aware of your attitude. Many people throughout the world do not have a solid handle on their positivity and emotions. The inability to control your emotions will be a huge boulder in your path, on your way to achievement.

Attitude is everything from the way you view yourself, to your ability to respond appropriately to events that occur throughout your life. Positive affirmations over time will create change. We all have the choice within us to fill one’s mind with words of encouragement and self-motivation. Do not fall victim to letting stress, fear, or the avoidance of change hinder your ability to create your ultimate life. Make the decision to change your attitude and take a firm grasp on controlling your level of motivation.


Finding the “WHY”

What is the one reason you want to accomplish any one goal? For some, it comes easy to define a reason for being successful. For others, it may require work to figure out what truly creates action. Most importantly though, you will find and hold onto your reason. And never let it go. 

Figuring out the core of your motivation is not always an easy task. However, this has such an impact to your ability to move past challenges and create opportunities from obstacles. So, do not skip this step. 

Ultimately, ask yourself, “why do you want to accomplish this goal?” There always is a reason. But if the reason is not deep, or powerful enough, then it becomes easy to give up when times get tough. Take some time to write down a list of reasons you want to live life in this specific way. Figure out why this life gives you meaning and collaborate a list of small steps you can take every day to work towards your goal.  

The “why” will be the reason to propel you past hardships, failed attempts, and long hours spent reaching for success. A clearly defined reason is the fuel to your motivation. 


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Mental and Physical Wellness

Motivation is about making the right decisions in all areas of your life. A huge piece to finding and maintaining motivation comes down to taking care of yourself. There are several strategies to enhancing your mental and physical wellness. Habits like repeating daily affirmations, or setting aside time for visualization each day create a positive mindset. In addition a healthy diet and daily exercise affect the outcome of both your mental and physical status.    



Affirmations are positive statements that change your mindset daily. These statements prevent an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts flooding your mind. Negativity will lead to a decrease in motivation. Each statement is a sentence or two directly related to your goal. It can be where you see yourself in the future, a specific trait you are working on, or a positive change that has already occurred. When you change your perspective to always look at the positivity surrounding your life, you will have more and more positive results. When filled with encouraging words,  a deep sense of reassurance fills our souls that we are capable of our wildest ambitions. The fuel to your motivation is through the rewiring of the mind. Each day is a new day to change your life.



Do you want to see the results before you accomplish them? The skill of visualization involves envisioning a successful outcome. So, even before you begin you are already setting yourself up for success. If you cannot see the end point, than you will not be able to create the best path to reach your goal. Visualization uses affirmations and mental images in the mind to help one incorporate a visual aspect to change.

Do not underestimate the power of seeing yourself accomplish a task before even stepping out to try it in real life. Being able to see yourself do something, even if just in your mind, has a very beneficial aspect to creating change. Visualization is a powerful technique to stay motivated and maximize your true potential. The habit of visualization can have life-changing outcomes if performed daily. 



Think of your brain as a machine. How would you get a machine to work most efficiently? Well, a machine needs the proper power supply. An increase of the most efficient power supply, and your machine will be working better than ever. 

Nutrition is the power source to both the brain and the rest of your body. The consumption of a variety of nutrient-dense foods and you will see your motivation skyrocket. Motivation can only be found from a well performing mind and body. Since nutrients power both the mind and body, nutrition is definitely an important factor to motivation. 



Daily exercise has the power to increase your mental alertness and energy. When you exercise, an increase in blood flow goes directly to the brain. Blood is responsible from the transportation of oxygen and nutrients. With an increase, the brain has an enhanced ability to focus and remain in a state of productivity.  

Small increases in your physical activity can have profound effects. So take the stairs, park farther away from your destination, or avoid sitting too long throughout the day. Exercise enhances brain power leading to longer lasting periods of high motivation. 


A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is the only way to maintain motivation. All decisions must align from multiple angles to interconnect with one another in harmony. In order to keep moving forward you must make positive changes throughout your entire life. If you neglect one area, then do not expect your motivation to last. Make sure to keep in mind the importance of staying active and eating a well-balanced diet. All components are essential for keeping strong motivation.



Connecting the Pieces: Find the Fuel to Your Motivation 

Motivation is a state of flow, where every decision that you make throughout the day leads to the overall outcome. Many people think it is black and white. Its either you are motivated, or you are not. However, it could not be more of the opposite. You do not become motivated and stay there with one decision. It is the outcome from the combination of all your decisions.

As shown above, there are a lot of habits to incorporate into your life. As you add each habit into your daily routine, your level of motivation increases exponentially. The creation of great habits take time. Slow down, as building consistency is often ruined when too much is tackled at one time with burnout and being overwhelmed. As a result, it requires patience and dedication to the formation of a strong foundation. 

For the most part, a strong foundation leads to continuous motivation. However, keep in mind motivation naturally comes in cycles. The addition of healthy habits assists to maximize the amount of time motivated, while reducing time spent in slumps. In fact, it is impossible to expect motivation to be present all the time. If you are looking for more tips for increasing your motivation, check out these tips: 7 Facts to Increase Motivation


Create Your Own Path to Success

Success comes from a consistent flow of motivation. Include the above habits into your life and you will find the fuel to your motivation. Once you are able to find motivation, you will be unstoppable to reaching success. In the long run, the ability to fuel your motivation is with consistency, self-confidence, finding the reason behind your actions, and living a holistically healthy lifestyle. The commitment to staying motivated happens every day, with every single decision. 

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