How to Drink More Water for Better Performance?

The reasons why you should drink more water daily.

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So, you are looking to enhance your athletic performance? When attempting to excel, you should aim to drink more water for a better performance. Drinking the right amount of water can be difficult. Typically, it is easy to become distracted throughout your day. However, supplying your body with the perfect amount of water can have a number of health benefits. In fact, water is a huge component in the success of your mental and physical performance.

Drinking the optimal amount of water does not have to be a hard task. With a few simple strategies, and understanding the difference water can make within your body, you will be on the road to building a solid foundation. Once you begin to implement these strategies, the clear difference will motivate you to continue to make your water consumption a priority.


Why Should You Drink More Water?


Water is the foundation of all your bodily functions. Without water, you are left with a poor performing body. If you are looking to improve your mental, physical, or emotional performance than making sure you drink enough water is essential. Water has the power to reduce fatigue, enhance your thinking, and push your body to new athletic levels.

The daily task of consuming enough water needs to be tackled everyday. However, once you build strong habits it becomes super easy. You will drink throughout the day without even having to think about it. The only way to perform at your best is to supply your body with the most important component. After all, the last thing you want is to ruin your performance because you did not hydrate properly.


Water is crucial for increasing your mental and physical performance.


Drink More Water to Improve Performance


Water is essential for your health. In fact, your body is made up of 60% of water. Along with water, electrolytes and nutrition play a key role in creating your top performance. But why is it so important?

The benefits of water are seen throughout a number of processes in the body. Water is important to brain function, energy, removing toxins, immunity, and regulating your temperature. The list keeps going. With this in mind, you can see why it is important to provide your body with the right amount each day.


Here are the benefits of water in your body.



Cardiovascular Health


Water works to improve the function of your heart. In fact, water is responsible for your blood volume. With the right amount, your heart is able to efficiently distribute oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body.


Joint and Muscle Function


The prevention of injury is due to the right amount of water. Water lubricates your joints and hydrates your muscles. Each responsible for lessening the risk of problems during physical exercise. A lack of water causes your muscles and joints to become tight. If you want to improve movement, while reducing pain, than grab a glass of water.


Brain Performance


Water helps to increase focus, concentration, and memory. If you want to function at your highest level, than consistently drinking water during the day is the best path. The right amount of water has the power to reduce mental fatigue, headaches, and anxiety.


Cleanses the Body


Water plays a significant role in immunity and recovery. With the help of water, your body is able to cleanse your organs and remove harmful toxins.


All these benefits work to improve your athletic performance. Your body cannot perform without water. If you want to take you performance to the next level, take some time to work on your hydration habits.





Strategies to Drink More Water


It is hard to drink enough water. If you struggle with this problem, there are tricks to help you drink more water to change your body’s performance. Water must be consumed consistently throughout the day. Once you get behind, it is a challenge to get back on track. However, the use of a few simple strategies can make a huge difference.


    • First off, set a daily goal. If you do not have an end goal in mind, it becomes easy to loose focus. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Plan how much water you should consume by various times throughout the day. Additionally, you can use a tracker on your phone to remind you.
    • Second, start the day off right. Drink a large glass of water when you wake up. It is easy to become busy. Therefore, starting every day with water will put you on the track to success. Typically, try to consume 20 to 25 ounces before breakfast. Prime your body for the day.
    • Third, always carry a large water bottle with you everywhere you go. When water is constantly in front of you, you will be much more likely to drink. Just as simple as filing up a water bottle could put a delay to drinking during the day. Make hydration as convenient as possible. Always have water in front of you.
    • Lastly, the addition of flavor to add some excitement is perfect. Especially on the cold and rainy days when you do not feel like drinking. Plain water can become boring and difficult to drink. A little taste, as long as it is natural, can be extremely helpful.


How to Hydrate for an Adventure


Water is crucial for any adventure. An adventure puts a heightened need for hydration as many consist of extended periods of strenuous exercise. In fact, the best way to be ready is to already have a great foundation of daily hydration habits in place.

After implementing all these habits into your every day life, drinking enough water on an adventure is reachable. Hydration starts prior to the start of any adventure. The day before an adventure you should start to increase your water consumption. Several hours before you begin are the most important. Proper hydration is the best way to start an adventure. Otherwise, you most likely will never be able to keep up. While on the adventure you must continue to drink water. Another key point is that the feeling of thirst is a sign you are already behind with your hydration. Avoid dehydration by consistently drinking fluids during any physical activity.

Since hydration is responsible for performance, it is necessary to take all of the right steps. Use the following method to determine the right amount of water for you on every adventure.





Water Intake


Many understand the importance of consuming enough water daily. Water is crucial to health and performance. The calculation of water needed per day is dependent on several factors.


1. Weight (lbs)


2. Take your weight and multiply by 67%


3. Add 12 ounces of water per 30 minutes of exercise


Water is to be consumed before, during, and after physical activity. You lose quite a bit during exercise. Replenish lost water. Other factors affecting your hydration status include:




You will need more water in hot, humid, or dry areas. Cold climates can impair your desire to hydrate.




Higher altitudes require more water for the same hydration level.




Excess water is needed for diets high in salt or sugar. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins use water for digestions. However, some require more than others, like proteins.


Activity Level


Strenuous exercise and workouts requires far more water each day.




Medical conditions impact hydration. For example, active infections need a surplus of water as the body demands are greater.


Of course, this is just a starting point. Obviously, the more intense the exercise and warmer the climate, the more water needed to maintain proper hydration. Extensive adventures will require much more water. A strong mentality is most of the battle with water consumption. Practice and you will have no trouble.

In addition, setting a hydration goal each day will provide two major benefits. First, the act of setting a goal improves the chances of being successful. Second, when you have a goal in mind you tend to plan in advance. Water is not always readily available. Planning is a requirement when adventuring in locations where water may be difficult to find.


The Key to Adventure


The key to performance is to drink more water. Avoid being dragged down with fatigue and a pounding headache. All it takes is building the right habits. You will be shocked by the difference.

As seen before, many functions within your body require the use of water. Therefore, staying hydrated is the best strategy to improving your mental and physical performance. The right amount of water daily will lead you on your path to reaching your top performance.

For all adventure athletes, water is essential to overall success. All athletes need the right amount of water when out on an adventure. For more information on all the benefits of staying hydrated, check out Healthline Nutrition.


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