8 Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

8 Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

Are you ready to change your life? Does the thought of taking a huge risk, or failing to succeed stop you from trying? Well, you are not alone. However, if you are ready to take the leap, then you are going to want to build a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a powerful tool. Your mindset will set you up for success. Understanding the need for challenge, consistency, learning, and supporting those around you is the only way.

First, you must start with how you view yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how will others? Ultimately, the lack of belief will cause you to quit the second times get challenging.

Without immediate results it is easy to give up. However, the possession of a strong growth mindset will allow you to look past the present failures. The only focus you will have is to reach your end goals, and build your desired future.

This new mindset will put you in the right mental state, for exponential growth. Expanding your context, so that all the new content can enter your mind. You will view failures and setbacks differently. As each presents as an opportunity to further develop your skills.

Here are 8 ways to build a growth mindset. Each of these components will change your life, giving you new meaning and fulfillment.



8 Steps to a Growth Mindset



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1. Self-Awareness


Self-awareness is recognizing your thoughts, beliefs, talents, and motives. Being highly aware of your strengths and weaknesses is the foundation to reach growth. Growth can only occur when you realize your starting point.

On the other hand, it is important to remain confident. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. However, being able to recognize them is the only way to become better. Self-awareness is all about being honest with yourself. The quest for self-improvement stems from first becoming aware. Ask questions and do not be afraid to fail. In fact, your journey will take time.

You must recognize areas of weakness that are holding you back from achieving your goals. For example, if you have a goal to become a better endurance athlete, but know that your weakness is snacking on junk food, than you have to fix that problem. The recognition is required before any kind of improvement can take place. It is not about putting yourself down. You must recognize areas you need to improve to reach your goals. Sooner or later you must face the problem and figure out a solution. This is the first step towards success.



2. Embrace Challenge


Challenge will build a growth mindset. The feeling of discomfort is natural when you begin to accept more challenge into your life. After all, growth will not start until you leave your comfort zone. As a result, your mind will expand past the norm. You no longer stay within your limits. The expansion causes a shift in your thinking. Although, challenges are intimidating, you begin to search for them. Each challenge is a new opportunity to expand yourself.

Being able to embrace challenges is not an easy task. Naturally, you are wired to avoid discomfort, challenge, and hard situations. However, to grow you must tackle them.

In fact, many begin to ask themselves the “what if” questions. What if I fail, or what if I have no idea what I am doing? Well, at first you should expect to feel lost and uncomfortable. That is totally normal. But that is a part of challenging yourself to start something new. The unknown and difficulty is what leads to fulfillment. Indeed, there will be times of failure, but the only way to succeed is to push past many unsuccessful attempts.



3. View Failure in a Different Manner


Failure is a part of growth. If you are looking for improvement, first you need to accept you will have plenty of failures. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it. Thus, you need to stop being afraid.

If you never attempt, you will never succeed. Instead of worrying about failing, focus your energy and mindset on being successful. In the times you are not, just learn from the situation and push forward. The worst thing you can do is to avoid challenging situations because you are scared to fail.

Learn from your failures and look forward. Avoid missing out on the next opportunity because you are too stuck on your past failures. During your pursuit to build a growth mindset you may fail countless times, the beauty in success is that you only have to be right once. For every success, there are a large number of fails. As you learn from each failure, you get closer and closer to that one right move.



Self-awareness is a part of how to build a growth mindset.



4. Set a Vision and Define Small Steps


The right path is nearly impossible when lacking an end destination. After all, how can you take small steps toward a future you have not yet defined?

A vision is an end goal. In order to set the path, you need to first know where you want to end up in the future. Next, you are able to set small goals to reach your larger vision. Success is hard to come by without a clear plan. Unfortunately, accomplishments do not just happen by chance.

Defining your vision can be an overwhelming task. Huge goals may seem scary if that is all you can see. However, if you set a bunch of smaller steps, these large goals are much more manageable. Never sell yourself short. You have the power to reach any goal you set for yourself.

As your vision should be big, small and medium size goals are what get you there. For accomplishment, you need to break down your goals. It is crucial for success. Small steps pave the way to your big vision. They provide direction, especially during times of difficulty. Additionally, completing small goals boosts your motivation and confidence throughout the process.

The secret to long-term growth is taking small, consistent actions. Define small, medium, and large goals to create the building blocks to your vision. Think about it this way. If you have no road map, it is going to be very difficult to reach your destination.


5. Focus on Learning


It is impossible to be good and understand everything. But those who want to become better know the importance of asking questions and taking the time to learn from others. The worst thing you can do is act as though you know everything. Every person, opportunity, and new situation presents a great time to learn.

You have to be a life-long learner. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. Learning is the foundation to build a growth mindset. Without learning, you are not growing.

The best way to build your growth mindset is to read, listen to podcasts, and meet in person with like-minded individuals. A life-changing habit is to make this a part of your daily routine. If you study and learn from others, you will likely be able to not only learn from their successes, but also avoid their mistakes. Additionally, you realize every successful person had a similar fear when they started out.

Naturally, you will always want to stay within an area of familiarity. However, this is what kills growth. Growth cannot occur without jumping into new situations. The only way to grow is to learn.





6. Find Your Inner Curiosity


Always be in search of more. Being curious allows for you to expand your context, as you are always looking for new and different perspectives. When you are curious, it changes the way you approach personal connections, new experiences, and your overall vision in life.

The desire to expand your context is the first part to becoming a life-long learner. You must be open to new possibilities. With this in mind, you are able to allow information challenging your initial beliefs into your mind. All these ideas are opportunities for growth. You will be left behind if you do not stay open and flexible to new ideas. As a matter of fact, being closed off with destroy the possibility of growth.

After all, always be open to challenging your beliefs. Curiosity is an incredible trait. Every situation should be seen from multiple angles. The curiosity to look at the world from a different perspective is just one of the many ways to build a growth mindset.



7. Be Authentic


A growth mindset is all about being real. Showcase your true self to the world. In fact, the ability to show others who you are is the best way to build trust, leading to authentic relationships.

Others deeply value your openness and honestly. Building trust with those in your life is a huge component to creating success. After all, pretending to be someone you are not will halt your efforts to build a growth mindset. Even if you reach success, it will be at the expense of many other areas of your life.

Success will only be temporary. You never want to lose the person you want to become in the process of searching for success. Success is meaningless if you do not grow into the person you want to become.

So, stay authentic. Show who you really are, so you can connect with those around you. People will respect it. You will build better relationships, and create way more success in the long run. If you are serious about creating a growth mindset, then never pretend to be something you are not.



Celebrate the accomplishments of those around you on your journey to build a growth mindset.



8. Celebrate the Accomplishments of Others


When you reach a growth mindset, competition inspires you to become an improved version of yourself. One may think competition is only about being better than everyone else. However, competition is more about striving to excel when you have a growth mindset. Surrounding yourself with others that challenge you will lead to more overall growth.

Celebrating the success of others is part of a growth mindset. You enjoy to see others improve themselves. It comes down to being happy with your life. When you are focused on improving, rather than comparing yourself, you stop focusing on the unhealthy part of competition.

A fixed mindset relies on comparison. When you compare yourself to others, you start to make excuses why they are more successful, instead of celebrating their success and learning from them. This is detrimental to growth. Just like yourself, they are working hard. Be there to support one another. People appreciate others who support them and will be much more likely to support you back.

In fact, celebrating the wins of others will lead to an overall higher level of growth. A shift in thinking causes you to stop comparing and to start using your time more wisely. This leads to more growth for everyone. A growth mindset is about supporting growth for everyone around you. Always celebrate the accomplishments of others.



Creating a New Life of Adventure


For success, it is crucial to be able to analyze which areas of your life need improvement. This is the first step to taking action. If you are unable to truthfully assess your talent, you will never be able to take the steps necessary for growth. Sometimes it is hard to do yourself, so ask others in your life for their opinion to get some different perspectives. Fulfillment comes from continuous personal growth. The ability to adopt a new mindset, allows for you to think differently and expand the possibilities present in your life.

A major step in transforming yourself as an adventure athlete is to start thinking in a new manner. A growth mindset will lead to enhanced performance in all areas of your life: goal setting, meditation, nutrition, strength training, yoga, or planning for an adventure. The growth mindset sets you up to be successful.

After building a new and improved growth mindset, you must fill yourself with the motivation necessary to continuously seek improvement. An adventurous life is about constantly learning, taking risks, and seeking to expand your reality. Check out my post 7 Tips to Increase Motivation to help you with staying on track. Additionally, check out this post to level up your mindset.


Why Your Mindset Matters for Success

Why Your Mindset Matters for Success

Do you want to grow as a person, but are overwhelmed with where to start? It all begins with your mindset. The way you wake up in the morning, your focus throughout the day, and your overall life goals are directly related to the way you think. If you want to succeed, you must start with believing you have the power to accomplish anything. Your mindset matters for your success. You will experience setbacks, people who doubt your desires, and just straight frustration from repeated failures. However, it is up to you to push past those obstacles to reach success.

Dedication, consistency, and motivation are directly impacted from your mindset. The foundation to implementing more adventure into your life starts with adopting a growth mindset. Begin to see life in a new perspective and everything else will follow.


Will Your Mindset Lead You to Success?


Your mindset is a set of beliefs, attitudes, morals, and the way you handle situations. It is the core of who you are as a person and the way you want to live your life. Generally, you as an individual will have a unique set of experiences responsible for shaping your mindset. These experiences determine how you will solve problems, handle stress, and overcome setbacks.

Mindset is a powerful tool. If you do not believe in yourself, how will others? Ultimately, the lack of belief will cause you to quit the second times get challenging. Without immediate results it is easy to give up. However, the possession of a strong growth mindset will allow you to look past the present failures. The only focus you will have is to reach your end goals, and build your desired future.

There are two types of mindsets: fixed verse growth mindsets. The mindset you choose determines your capacity for happiness, fulfillment, and achievement. Thus, with each decision, your mindset matters for success in your life.


Is a Fixed Mindset Holding Your Back?


A fixed mindset is one in which people believe their abilities, talents, intelligence, and life plan are unchangeable. These individuals will make excuses and often compare themselves to others. They often make the mistake of needing to prove they are right. In contrary, these individuals avoid owning up to mistakes, miss learning opportunities, take feedback personal, and turn the other way from challenge. In brief, they miss the ability to create change.

These individuals limit the possibility of growth. Unfortunately, many are stuck in this way of thinking. However, if you find yourself in this pattern of thinking, it is up to you to change it. With just a little work, you can go from being stuck to the endless possibilities found within a growth mindset.


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How Can a Growth Mindset Improve Your Life?


A growth mindset is truly believing in yourself to accomplish your goals by any means. With this in mind, these individuals will learn from their mistakes, look for advice from individuals who have accomplished similar goals, and stay humble. As a result, they view failure as a learning opportunity, instead of a reason to quit.

The mindset you possess right now does not have to be the future. There are easy steps to take every day to shift the way you think. In effect, daily practice will make a difference. It will not happen overnight. However, with dedication you can change your mindset. A growth mindset may leave you questioning all your previous decisions in life. On the positive side you will be so happy you made the switch. But disappointed it took you so long. You will see, experience, and feel a new way about life. That is a guarantee.

A growth mindset is the foundation of living an adventurous life. You must be willing to learn from those around you, stay humble, and know there will be unforeseeable obstacles to overcome in your journey.


Growth Mindset Development for Success


A growth mindset matters for your success in all areas of your life. A fixed mindset limits your possibilities and prevents improvement. The creation of change in your life starts with your mindset.



Keep an Open Mind


Given these points there are several strategies to developing a growth mindset. First, keep an open mind with everything. If you do not accept their are other possibilities, then nothing else matters. You will not be able to change.


Seek Challenge


The second is to embrace challenge. Stop avoiding it. A growth mindset thrives on challenge.Those who are able to create the most improvement are the ones who seek out the most challenges. If you want to change, then add more challenge into your life. When you are involved in more challenge, the likeliness of failure rises as well. So be prepared.


Realize Failure is a Part of the Process


The third point is to accept that failure is a part of the process. Failure is the stepping-stone to success. Do you want to succeed with larger aspirations? Well, you must learn to embrace failure. If you think you can be successful without a ton of failure than you are not ready, as you are still stuck in a fixed mindset.


Recognize the Importance of Learning


The fourth lesson is to understand mistakes and failures are just learning opportunities. By all means, you must be ready to make the most of them. Failure is not a bad thing, unless you quit. But if you tackle these difficult situations with the right mindset, than you will experience a ton of room for growth. Each and every time you use a failure to learn you become closer to your ideal self.




Why Your Mindset Matters?


Remember, progress takes time. You must learn to enjoy the process and strive for improvement in the future. In the long run it will be worth all of your time and effort. However, if you do not enjoy the process than the end goal may not be worth all of the struggle. A life of fulfillment is about focusing your effort on meaningful goals, but not becoming miserable in the process.

You must believe in yourself to reach your full potential. The addition of daily habits will build your desired growth mindset in no time. Small consistent steps lead to large results. Your mindset matters to success, and the only way to reach your full potential is with a growth mindset.

You are not alone if you have ever set a goal that did not come true. In fact, people from all walks of life have difficulty with accomplishing their goals. Except, with your new growth mindset you are ready to be within the few who succeed.

As in adventure and the rest of life, this way of thinking is crucial to being successful. The fact is, no matter where you have come from, are, or your abilities at this time, the most important part of creating change is your mindset. Once you adopt this new way of thinking, you will do whatever it takes to achieve success.


7 Important Facts to Increase Motivation

7 Important Facts to Increase Motivation

Increase your motivation with these helpful tips.

For most, the desire to be successful is a huge part of life; although, success looks different to each person, one thing all must have in common is to find a way to increase motivation.  Motivation may be an easy task on the good days, but what about after several failures in a row when nothing seems to be working? Sometimes, it is not as simple as waking up and deciding to be motivated. It is hard to stay motivated when there are no results coming from all the hard work and countless hours.

Honestly, there is no person out there who will always be motivated. You will occasionally go through rough periods of time. Simply, this is a part of pushing yourself, and there is no way to avoid it.

Even though motivation comes and goes, you will become more resilient to the rough patches. You know your greatest work comes from periods of difficulty because it pushes you to work that much harder. The major difference between successful and ordinary people, is that successful people repeatedly fail, but never quit. It is not an option for them.

Figure out how to find the motivation to never quit with these 7 strategies. There are several important facts to consider when attempting to maximize your motivation. Remember, everyone goes through hard times, but the ones who come out as a better version of themselves, are the ones who fail, do not give up, and find the motivation deep within to succeed.


Check out these 7 facts about how to increase your motivation.



1. Understanding the “why” to increase motivation.


The first step to keeping motivation is to figure out the reason why that goal is important. If you understand deep down why you want to succeed in a certain area, then when difficulty arises, you will be much more prepared to withstand the hardships and push yourself past larger obstacles.

The need to find the “why” behind everything you do is critical. One must start giving up the unnecessary parts of their your life to focus on their most important goals. You will begin to focus your time and energy in pursuit to find fulfillment. A sense of purpose in life provides the motivation necessary to become unstoppable.

Motivation comes from within, so stop using outside factors as your source of motivation. These outside forces will cause for motivation to be inconsistent or extremely hard to find at times. Instead, focus on the why behind everything that you do and put into your life. Figure out your underlying reason and hold on to it. This is the best weapon against periods of difficulty, laziness, and countless early mornings and late nights spent on the grind.

You begin to wake up everyday focused and prepared to embrace the struggle. Passion is the foundation of motivation. When you find your purpose in life, you begin to lose the fears that once crippled you, choosing to avoid anything not aligned with your goals.

Stop wasting your time. Rather than procrastinating or being pessimistic, look at every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. Each obstacle crossed is one step closer to your dreams.


2. Goals include motives necessary for success.


Motivation is not easy to keep, especially when a person does not have clearly defined goals. Goals give direction in life, which is critical for achievement. Every small goal builds into a larger one, outlining a plan of what must be done in order to turn your dreams into reality.

Setting goals in life gives you motivation in the present, while envisioning and working towards long-term results. It is hard to succeed long-term in life without a plan or understanding the smaller steps one must take. Some people tend to avoid goals, as they want to live a care-free lifestyle, but without goals, you end up just wandering around aimlessly. Motivation does not last when bouncing around in all different directions.

The act of setting goals is said to be more important than talent; since goal-oriented individuals are much more successful at avoiding time wasters and preventing failures from causing them to quit. Success is largely dependent on focus and motivation over just talent. Goals give direction, alignment, and purpose. Knowing your direction and purpose helps to keep you flowing with motivation and inspires one to thrive through adversity.


“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.”

– Denis Watiley


3. Break large goals into small, more manageable tasks.


Large goals are overwhelming and difficult to accomplish. The larger the goal, usually the longer it takes to succeed. If you do not break those large goals into smaller, more-manageable tasks in the short term, it can be quite easy to lose motivation.

The incorporation of small steps gives a path of more manageable actions to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. The reduction of feeling overwhelmed helps to ensure consistent motivation. The completion of smaller goals increases motivation incrementally, allowing you to stay focused for longer periods of time, without getting as burnt out. Large goals can be tremendously stressful, so breaking them into smaller steps to allow for motivation to be more consistent.

Though, it does feel incredible to accomplish goals no matter how small. The completion of goals incrementally maintains direction. Big dreams do not happen overnight, so the use of small steps aid to maintain consistent motivation as you reach for the top.


4. Take responsibility for the good and the bad.


Motivation comes from taking responsibility for one’s life, including one’s own actions, accomplishments, and failures. It is at this time when a person must stop blaming others for their current situation. In order to become the best version of yourself, one must take responsibility for the good and the bad within their life.

When you hold yourself accountable for the successes or failures of a certain goal, you become much more connected to the outcome. When closely connected to the outcome, you experience an increase in motivation to rise to the challenge.

Accountability is an empowering reminder that you have control over your life, including your perspective, actions, and behavior. Too often, people complain and blame others for why they are not successful, instead of getting to work. Take responsibility for your life, the good and the bad, and own everything as this is the only way to create change.


5. Action needs a plan to be productive.


Action is the first step to increasing your motivation. Nothing can be accomplished without the initial decision to create a plan for change. However, it is inefficient to aimlessly jump into action without any direction.

A clear, well-thought out plan is necessary to make the most out of all your hard work. Direction is critical when it comes down to finding motivation and creating change. Both take work and are very easy to lose when feeling lost or overwhelmed. When you have no idea what you are trying to accomplish, it is a hard task to maintain motivation over an extended period. There is a clear connection between dedication and an organized plan of action.



6. Creating lasting motivation. The importance of inspirational quotes, learning from other successful people, and supporting others.


While at times, it can be difficult to know the exact direction to take in life, there is no better way than to learn from those who have pushed past similar obstacles and became successful. Take the time to listen to their words of advice. Reach out or follow their story to learn from their mistakes. It is a productive way to learn, stay motivated, and create a plan towards your accomplishment.

A daily motivational quote is a fantastic way to start off the day on the right path. The words of encouragement increase motivation by fighting off laziness, procrastination, and a lack of ambition.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential to keeping motivation. When the people in your life are supportive to your goals and working hard on their own, it is motivating to keep pushing yourself to succeed. The right people in your life will make all the difference. They will promote good habits, help you solve problems, and be there for you when things get exhausting and you want to give up. They will be there to assist you through those times and prevent you from quitting.

Like-minded people, hungry for successful will push you to work harder, while having an outlet for encouragement. Successful people help to increase motivation. Just make sure you are the same supportive person back to them. Support in a friendship or relationship must be a two-way street.


7. Visualization, self-confidence, and conquering fear to enhance motivation.


If new to visualization, check out Guide to Visualization.

Visualize yourself with the confidence to overcome your fear. Visualization is often overlooked but can have a profound impact on your mindset and behavior.

Visualization is the process of creating mental imagery to drastically increase your energy and momentum, leading to constructive action. A person can experience the emotions prior to the activity, in turn enhancing future motivation and direction.

The best part is that visualization can be done anywhere. Your mind is a powerful tool, so keep exploring with the use of visualization, and watch your motivation continue to pour in as you create your ultimate life.

Visualization has the power to enhance your self-confidence. Self-confidence and motivation go hand and hand with one another. Incorporating some other healthy habits can increase your self-confidence including exercise, diet, socialization, and positivity. Individuals with high self-esteem see many positive mental health benefits including freedom from self-doubt, the motivation to act, reducing fear, and an increase in overall energy. Fear will not be able to stop your drive for something better in life.

If you enjoy this post make sure to check out How to Fuel Your Motivation.


The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Do you want to become more present in your life? Mindfulness meditation is a practice to become more in tune with your surroundings, especially when out on an adventure. To point out, the benefits of mindfulness meditation will become present in all areas of your life.


What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is the awareness and attention to thoughts, feelings, and behavior. As you become completely present in the moment, you possess the ability to remove judgement of a situation. You are just present and ready to experience your surroundings. Being free of the past and not focused on the future. The mind experiences a state free from distractions.

Quickly, you will find yourself with less stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. Begin to go through your day fully engaged in the task you are completing at that exact moment. Surprisingly, all it takes is spending a few minutes each day.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation, in which you focus your awareness on your senses and living in the present moment. Do you find yourself spending too much time filled with negative emotions, daydreaming, or having a difficult time maintaining your attention? The practice of mindfulness is geared towards directing your attention to what is actually important in that moment. The world around you. 


What is Meditation?


Meditation is the practice to train attention, focus, and concentration. There are several types of mediation. Each consists of a variety of techniques to achieve a greater well-being. The training creates a healthier sense of perspective. You learn to observe your thoughts and feelings, rather than let them control your behavior. The daily practice helps you understand your feelings.

Meditation is a skill. Thus, you must practice to reap the numerous benefits. Since there are a number of different types of meditation, the focus will be on mindfulness meditation. Learning to meditate does not have to be a hard or time-consuming process. All it takes is some consistency.


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What is the Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation?


Often, these terms are used interchangeably. Meditation and mindfulness are similar, but not the same. Both terms are important with maintaining a healthy mental state, motivation, and emotional stability. The difference comes as mindfulness is a type of meditation. Mindfulness is the awareness to your thoughts, whereas meditation is the practice of using techniques to train attention and focus. The use of meditation will lead to a sense of mental clarity, and can increases your level of mindfulness.

The combination of the two promotes focus on your breathing, visual imagery, and a calming state of relaxation. Mindfulness meditation is the mental training that emphasizes the slowing of your thoughts, while developing a calm state of both mind and body. This type of mental training works to improve your mood, focus, and attention. All these factors work together to boost concentration. Mindfulness meditation leads to a healthy life. The benefits of mindfulness meditation are improved mood, increased self-esteem, quality sleep, and a healthy ability to manage stress.


The Link Between Mindfulness and Meditation


Certainly, with all the benefits of mindfulness meditation, why would you skip it? The integration of mindfulness meditation into your daily routine is a life-changing experience. Mindfulness meditation has the capacity to transform your life through health, motivation, and regulation of your emotions.

Live in the present moment as a happier and more positive version of yourself. The key is to stay present. For this reason, the regret from the past, anxiety about the future, or just the avoidance of the present leads to missed opportunities. It is easy to become distracted. Stop letting the small moments of the day drift away unnoticed.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation include rediscovering those small moments. As it is a fast paced world, the ability to tap into your mind to regain focus is crucial. When you begin to take the time to be present in everything you do, you realize how much you have missed in the past. However, the future does not have to be like the past. You can start today and see the incredible benefits of mindfulness meditation.


Why Should You Implement These Habits into Your Life?


The daily practice of mindfulness meditation will allow for you to get to know yourself better. You will take the time to listen to your body, understand your emotions, and control your behavior. Envision a life of inner peace, a deep sense of fulfillment, improvement in mental and physical health, and the ability to make the right decision when it counts the most. If you could obtain these qualities into your life, would you take the time to learn how?

All things considered, mindfulness meditation can seem like a complicated process. But it does not have to be. The key is to be patient and willing to commit. The process of change takes time. However, if you never choose to start, than change will never occur.


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Follow These Steps to Start Performing Mindfulness Meditation


The duration of mindfulness meditation can vary. However, all you need to begin is 5 minutes to start benefiting in your life. The following steps will guide you through a session of mindfulness meditation.


1. Find a quiet environment without distractions. Sit down and become comfortable. Make sure to maintain proper posture throughout the duration of your meditation.
2. Slowly, close your eyes. Notice the feeling within all parts of your body. Start to guide your focus on your breathing. Keep your attention on your inhalation and exhalation, while removing any other thoughts from your mind.
3. Follow your breathing for the duration of your meditation. Take a deep breath in, allow for the lungs to fill completely, then slowly exhale. While learning to meditate, your mind will wander. As you notice your mind wander, simply return your focus back to your breathing.
4. Keep a clear mind and repeat deep breathing. Focus on improving your lung and blood vessel function, while the stress of your day scatters into the background.  When ready, open up your eyes. Then, take the time to notice how different your mind and body feel at this moment. Relax and enjoy the feeling. In conclusion, repeat as often as you would like throughout the day.


In brief, mindfulness meditation is a great combination to a yoga routine focusing on physical well-being. Check out 9 Great Yoga Poses to get started now.


Who Can Benefit?


1. Stress


Stress has the potential to destroy your health. At some point, you will be faced with the challenge of overcoming a difficult situation in your life. Stress must be handled in a healthy way. Otherwise, your health will decline.

Poorly handled stress can lead to unexplained headaches, muscle tension, digestion problems, or generalized fatigue. Stress that is not taken care of results in chronic health problems. The body will be in an overwhelmed state until change is made. Make the change to control your stress in a healthy way.


2. Attention and Focus


Having your mind wander when trying to perform a task is annoying. How are you suppose to get anything done? An increase in focus stops your mind from bouncing around between ides. 

The daily practice of mindfulness gives a well needed break from the chaos. Stop the chaos and gain control again. Mindfulness meditation improves your mind’s ability to keep attention on the desired task. For the most part, the lack of focus leads to complacency.


3. Control of Emotions


Your emotions can wreck your life. Think about all of the times you reacted too quickly. The unwanted emotions, like anger, caused you to make impulsive decisions. Often, regretted later on. Think about if you could understand your emotions and change your behavior in response. No longer would you let negative emotions ruin your day. Does that sound like a benefit you are looking for?

Altogether, recognizing undesirable emotions allow you to distance yourself. Thus, learning to understand your emotions and let them go. You are in complete control of your emotions. When you learn to control your emotions, you become happier and live a more fulfilling life. 


4. Motivation


Typically, the mind is in a state of chaos. You must learn to remain calm and stay in control. The daily practice creates the opportunity to think clearly. As the mind remains clear, concentration presents itself.

The desire to be in control of your decisions, actions, and behaviors is motivation. Improve your well-being by finding the motivation to work towards your goals. Working towards your goals and the creation of the life you want is one of the many benefits of mindfulness meditation.


Mindfulness and Adventure


Mindfulness is your ability to live in the present moment. Become aware of your mind, body, and surroundings. Adventure requires mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness is expanded through adventure at the same time. As mental, physical, and emotional boundaries are pushed through extremes. The benefits of mindfulness meditation used in adventure include:


  • paying close attention to detail
  • control over breathing
  • proper handling of stressful situations
  • mentally tough through varying environmental conditions
  • the awareness to closely monitor signs from the body


Therefore, mindfulness is essential to adventure. Just as adventure is crucial for expanding your mindfulness. As a result, adventure gives endless opportunities to live a more mindful life. All things considered, mindfulness meditation can lead to a fulfilling life of happiness.

How to Find the Fuel to Your Motivation?

How to Find the Fuel to Your Motivation?


Motivation is the core for reaching your maximum potential. Do you struggle to find or keep motivation? The fuel to your motivation can be broken down into several simple steps. Honestly, if you create a plan to consistently include these habits into your daily life you will find motivation. Ultimately, motivation is the result from a series of consistent actions, not just one decision. It involves a holistic approach where you tackle the issue from multiple angles. 


The Fuel to Your Motivation

The fuel to your motivation starts with an idea. You must clearly define what you would like to accomplish for any progress to achievement. The drive behind action is hard when you have no idea the end goal. For one, it is almost impossible to push through obstacles when you are moving in all different directions. However, a clear outline and end goal are only as good as consistent action behind accomplishing the small steps to reach your larger goals.

In order to reach those large goals, you must find and harness the motivation crucial to create consistent action. Motivation can be easy to find during the good times, but what about when things become much rougher than you ever imagined. What do you do then?


Self-Confidence and Optimism

The single most important piece of advice is to wholeheartedly believe in yourself. Re-read that line. First, it is impossible to accomplish anything great if you do not believe you have the capability to be successful. 

Adjust your mindset. The foundation to how you approach any challenge, task, or stressful situation starts with your attitude. Stay positive. You will attract what you put into the world. If you stay positive, you will always see the light in every situation. It is powerful to keep a positive state of mind.


Emotional Intelligence

The ability to reach your full potential comes down to your emotional intelligence. The appropriate regulation, or control, of your emotions involves the proper mindset. An optimistic mindset always finds the good. If you are unable to control your emotions in a healthy way, you will find it difficult to find or keep your motivation when circumstances get challenging. 

Positive results will only come from a positive state of mind. The only way into achieving your full potential is to learn to control your emotions and be completely aware of your attitude. Many people throughout the world do not have a solid handle on their positivity and emotions. The inability to control your emotions will be a huge boulder in your path, on your way to achievement.

Attitude is everything from the way you view yourself, to your ability to respond appropriately to events that occur throughout your life. Positive affirmations over time will create change. We all have the choice within us to fill one’s mind with words of encouragement and self-motivation. Do not fall victim to letting stress, fear, or the avoidance of change hinder your ability to create your ultimate life. Make the decision to change your attitude and take a firm grasp on controlling your level of motivation.


Finding the “WHY”

What is the one reason you want to accomplish any one goal? For some, it comes easy to define a reason for being successful. For others, it may require work to figure out what truly creates action. Most importantly though, you will find and hold onto your reason. And never let it go. 

Figuring out the core of your motivation is not always an easy task. However, this has such an impact to your ability to move past challenges and create opportunities from obstacles. So, do not skip this step. 

Ultimately, ask yourself, “why do you want to accomplish this goal?” There always is a reason. But if the reason is not deep, or powerful enough, then it becomes easy to give up when times get tough. Take some time to write down a list of reasons you want to live life in this specific way. Figure out why this life gives you meaning and collaborate a list of small steps you can take every day to work towards your goal.  

The “why” will be the reason to propel you past hardships, failed attempts, and long hours spent reaching for success. A clearly defined reason is the fuel to your motivation. 


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Mental and Physical Wellness

Motivation is about making the right decisions in all areas of your life. A huge piece to finding and maintaining motivation comes down to taking care of yourself. There are several strategies to enhancing your mental and physical wellness. Habits like repeating daily affirmations, or setting aside time for visualization each day create a positive mindset. In addition a healthy diet and daily exercise affect the outcome of both your mental and physical status.    



Affirmations are positive statements that change your mindset daily. These statements prevent an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts flooding your mind. Negativity will lead to a decrease in motivation. Each statement is a sentence or two directly related to your goal. It can be where you see yourself in the future, a specific trait you are working on, or a positive change that has already occurred. When you change your perspective to always look at the positivity surrounding your life, you will have more and more positive results. When filled with encouraging words,  a deep sense of reassurance fills our souls that we are capable of our wildest ambitions. The fuel to your motivation is through the rewiring of the mind. Each day is a new day to change your life.



Do you want to see the results before you accomplish them? The skill of visualization involves envisioning a successful outcome. So, even before you begin you are already setting yourself up for success. If you cannot see the end point, than you will not be able to create the best path to reach your goal. Visualization uses affirmations and mental images in the mind to help one incorporate a visual aspect to change.

Do not underestimate the power of seeing yourself accomplish a task before even stepping out to try it in real life. Being able to see yourself do something, even if just in your mind, has a very beneficial aspect to creating change. Visualization is a powerful technique to stay motivated and maximize your true potential. The habit of visualization can have life-changing outcomes if performed daily. 



Think of your brain as a machine. How would you get a machine to work most efficiently? Well, a machine needs the proper power supply. An increase of the most efficient power supply, and your machine will be working better than ever. 

Nutrition is the power source to both the brain and the rest of your body. The consumption of a variety of nutrient-dense foods and you will see your motivation skyrocket. Motivation can only be found from a well performing mind and body. Since nutrients power both the mind and body, nutrition is definitely an important factor to motivation. 



Daily exercise has the power to increase your mental alertness and energy. When you exercise, an increase in blood flow goes directly to the brain. Blood is responsible from the transportation of oxygen and nutrients. With an increase, the brain has an enhanced ability to focus and remain in a state of productivity.  

Small increases in your physical activity can have profound effects. So take the stairs, park farther away from your destination, or avoid sitting too long throughout the day. Exercise enhances brain power leading to longer lasting periods of high motivation. 


A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is the only way to maintain motivation. All decisions must align from multiple angles to interconnect with one another in harmony. In order to keep moving forward you must make positive changes throughout your entire life. If you neglect one area, then do not expect your motivation to last. Make sure to keep in mind the importance of staying active and eating a well-balanced diet. All components are essential for keeping strong motivation.



Connecting the Pieces: Find the Fuel to Your Motivation 

Motivation is a state of flow, where every decision that you make throughout the day leads to the overall outcome. Many people think it is black and white. Its either you are motivated, or you are not. However, it could not be more of the opposite. You do not become motivated and stay there with one decision. It is the outcome from the combination of all your decisions.

As shown above, there are a lot of habits to incorporate into your life. As you add each habit into your daily routine, your level of motivation increases exponentially. The creation of great habits take time. Slow down, as building consistency is often ruined when too much is tackled at one time with burnout and being overwhelmed. As a result, it requires patience and dedication to the formation of a strong foundation. 

For the most part, a strong foundation leads to continuous motivation. However, keep in mind motivation naturally comes in cycles. The addition of healthy habits assists to maximize the amount of time motivated, while reducing time spent in slumps. In fact, it is impossible to expect motivation to be present all the time. If you are looking for more tips for increasing your motivation, check out these tips: 7 Facts to Increase Motivation


Create Your Own Path to Success

Success comes from a consistent flow of motivation. Include the above habits into your life and you will find the fuel to your motivation. Once you are able to find motivation, you will be unstoppable to reaching success. In the long run, the ability to fuel your motivation is with consistency, self-confidence, finding the reason behind your actions, and living a holistically healthy lifestyle. The commitment to staying motivated happens every day, with every single decision.