5 Steps to Create Momentum in Your Life Right Away

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Are you stuck in the planning phase of creating change in your life? Don’t worry, at the beginning it is very common. Change is a hard process that takes time to create. But no change can occur if you fail to start. There are several ways to implement these 5 steps to create momentum in your life right away.

Although, you know you need to begin it is usually a very hard step. With all the uneasy feelings it is understandable why it takes so long to get off the ground sometimes. Without action, it will always be just a plan. Plans are a great, but only when you actually start to implement them.

Momentum is hard to gain, especially at the start. However, once you start rolling there is less and less that will get in your way. Of course, you will experience setbacks, but you will gain more knowledge and confidence to find ways around those problems.



Dealing With Fear


One of the worst issues you will have to deal with is fear. For a long time you will wait to perform any action until you feel like the perfect moment occurs. However, it will never come. You have to stop worrying about being perfect.

Start with small goals and continuously learn as you go. You will never be ready to take the jump. If you were, then you probably should reach for a more difficult goal. The entire point of creating a change in your life is to reach for a goal that seems out of reach.

Hesitation, over analyze, and just plain fear will prevent you from moving forward. You will never reach your destination, or dream, if you let these three ideas get in your way. Get ready to push these reasons to the side! Here are the best ways to starting the train of momentum to reach a level you once thought was impossible.




5 Steps to Create Momentum



Remove hesistation to crete momentum in your life.

1. Understand why you are hesitating from pursuing the steps to create momentum in your life.


In order to move past inaction, you must understand what is holding you back. Until you acknowledge and understand the problem you will not move anywhere. Often, fear in some way is the culprit. Fear can cause inaction in many ways. Whether it is the fear of failure, making the wrong decision, or just the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin, fear will hold you back.

The best way to dive deeper into what is holding you back is to ask yourself these questions. Make sure to write your answers down on a piece of paper. You will be amazed with the difference it can make when you have your answers written out in front of you.


    • How do you feel when you think about your goal?
    • What is your largest fear with moving forward towards action?
    • What is the worst-case scenario if you move towards your goal? How about if you do nothing and continue with your life?
    • How will your life look different if you achieve your goal?


Of course, you need to obtain a baseline of knowledge to make an informed decision. But after this stop. Next, you are going to need to take action. Trying to gain too much knowledge can hinder your forward progression.



2. Know the difference between being nervous and jumping into a situation you are not ready for.


Any time you are creating a large change in your life you will have butterflies in your stomach. This is totally normal and a part of the process. However, an uneasy feeling is quite different from jumping into a situation completely out of your scope of experience.

For example, if you plan to get into better shape than there is a method to being successful. You would not just jump into running a marathon. For starters, this would be dangerous to your health and could cause you to quit before you even begin.

Rather, you need to take it slow with smaller goals before jumping into a task you are not ready for. It is great to have large goals, but without smaller ones you will fail. Once you have mastered these smaller goals you will be ready to expand.

Know the difference between feeling nervous and biting off too much. It can save you a ton of frustration. Ultimately, it will save you from giving up and never reaching your larger goals.




3. Challenge your fears to create momentum.


Do you feel as if you have anxiety? Fear works in one of two ways. One is great for you while the other is horrible. Your mindset will have a large impact on how you handle fear. Before looking at the two ways fear impacts your life, take some time to work towards building a growth mindset.

First, let’s start with the bad. Fear can stop you from ever taking action. The number one reason you never reach your goals is because you failed to even start. However, you are ready to start your journey to never let fear stop you. Fear was designed to keep you comfortable. It does not want you to do anything that scares you. Do not listen to this. If you let fear run this path in your life, then you will never create any type of growth.

The second path of fear can be an incredible way your brain keeps you safe. Although, you must recognize when fear is good verse bad. Fear can be great with preventing you from jumping into a situation you are not prepared for. When you use fear is this way, you reduce the number of bad decisions you make and reach you goals much more quickly.

Use this helpful technique to understand your fear. Every time you reach a point where you are scared, take a step back. Why do you feel scared? is it because you have never done this particular action before, or is it a way of your brain trying to prevent a horrible event from occurring? In one response you should push through your fear, and the other is only there to keep you in a comfortable position.



4. Anxiety will limit the momentum you can create in your life.


Anxiety is an awful condition that will hinder your goals, destroy your health, and ruin your relationships. You must learn to control your anxiety. Of course, anxiety is a part of life and you will always have at least some. But the important task is to know how to manage those emotions, so they do not control you.

You need to take a second and relax. Achieving success is near impossible if you have your emotions all over the place. To reduce your anxiety, you must pinpoint the source and fix it.

Anxiety affects your brain’s ability to respond appropriately. You need to be able to think clearly when it matters the most. The next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, try to take a step back and calm your nerves before you respond. The better you are at understanding and influencing your emotions, the more positive your outcome will be.

The simple response of taking deep breathes can go a long way. Whenever you feel the beginning of anxiety taking a hold of you, stop. Slowly begin to take deep breathes until you have control again. Repeat your deep breathing with slow exhales for as long as you need to. When you are in a stressful situation, the worst response you can have is one fueled by your negative emotions.



Direction is important to create momentum in your life.


5. Create SMART goals so you know your direction in life.


You can never reach your destination without defining it in the first place. Your ability to take action comes from knowing what you want. The key to creating a direction in your life is to set the right goals. Each of these goals work as an outline of actions to achieve success.

Set goals. Do a little bit of research. And jump right in. You will never feel comfortable until you get some action under your belt and keep making movement in the right direction.

So, you are going to want to make sure you do some initial research, otherwise you may not be heading in the right direction. But after that, stop until you perform an action valuable towards reaching your goal. Too much research is horrible for your momentum if done in place of real action.

Gain the right amount of information to start on the right path, then take action. You will never be ready for change, so just get out there and make some type of action. That is the only way to reach any type of goal.



How to turn paralysis into momentum in your life?


Fear can stop you from achieving your true potential. The fear of taking action is one of the worst behaviors you can have in your life. If you are not careful, fear can keep you locked up in a comfortable position. Fear and comfort are what stops you from ever reaching your goals. So, use the above 5 steps to create momentum in your life and you will see the change right away.

The only way to reach the life you truly aspire to live is to make a breakthrough. The sooner you stop letting fear, comfort, and anxiety control your life, the quicker you start down your intended path. Take the time to learn how to create momentum in your life and there is nothing that will stop you.

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